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OHIO Center for Clinical Practice in Education


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Formerly known as the Center for Professional Development Schools, the Center for Clinical Practice in Education has a mission of positively impacting P-12 student learning. To learn more about the change from the traditional teacher preparation model over to the clinical practice model visit our one page overview here.  

The Center positively impacts student learning through the following activities:

  • Fostering and supporting outreach activities that connect The Patton College with regional schools.
  • Creating collaborative partnership programming
  • Linking teacher candidates, mentor teachers, administrators and the Patton College Faculty
  • Improving P-12 education for all students
  • Increasing opportunities and enhancing quality clinical experiences for teacher candidates
  • Supporting Professional Development for all parties
  • Sustaining teacher learning and student engagement for P-16 and beyond


Teacher Candidates seeking licensure in Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Adolescent-to-Young Adult, and Intervention Specialist programs receive in-depth clinical preparation in our PDS Schools. Candidates receive:

  • Mentoring and guidance from Patton College faculty and teachers in partnership schools
  • Opportunities in the classroom to plan, teach, assess, and differentiate during the year
  • Provide additional support to P-12 students and teachers
  • Build a strong foundation for professional internship and future teaching careers


Currently 12 active partnerships are instrumental in completing the Center’s mission and purpose while providing a space for Teacher Candidates to have a clinical experience. Partnerships span across six local school districts, involving Elementary, Middle, Junior High and High School buildings.


For more information contact:
Marcy Keifer Kennedy
Director, Center for Clinical Practice in Education
McCracken Hall 433A