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Parent and teacher communication is an important part of our program. Parents know their child best. Parents are encouraged to share information about their family and their child with the Master Teachers on a daily basis. In order to share information in a more formal way, Master Teachers meet with families at least twice a year for a home visit or parent conference. A home visit is an informal opportunity to meet the child and family within their home. The Master Teachers might see the child’s room or play with the child outside, allowing them to get to know the child on their own turf. Home visits are not the time to discuss the child. Parent conferences are times when the parent/s and staff would meet to set goals for the child and to talk about any concerns. 

Each child must have two conferences a year. The first conference in the fall is to set yearly goals. The second conference occurs in the spring. During the spring conference, staff would go over documents that show the child’s growth and development during the year. Types of observations they may have used might be: running records, time sampling, rating scale, event sampling or other types of observation. The teachers will also use the developmental assessment form from The Brigance Early Childhood Screening.

Teachers will share writing samples, art work or other artifacts they feel reflects the development stage of the child. The conference will be written up and a copy is put in the child’s file and a copy is given to the parents. Since we are a laboratory school, Professional Interns may help with the collection of materials and may sit in on the parent conference with parent approval.



For more information please contact:
The Ohio University Child Development Center
Horse Barn Lane
The Ridges, Building 27, Telp: 740-593-1819