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Family Information and Parent Involvement


Families are an integral part of the Center and welcome to participate in many ways.  They should feel free to visit, spend time with their child and/or share their knowledge and skills.  Below is a list of some ways to be involved.  

Parent Advisory Board

A Parent Advisory Board (PAB) is a voice for all families of children at the Center.  The PAB  is formed annually, and includes two representatives from each classroom, two Master Teachers and the Directors.  Officers are elected annually for the following year. The PAB coordinates and sponsors events like the Garden Party, Winter Party, Summer Pool Party, Spring Potluck.  Each year, it holds fundraisers to help pay for these events and to purchase special materials for the classrooms.  The Kroger Rewards Program is one ongoing fundraiser.

Center Events

Center Orientation: Upon acceptance into the Center, an orientation will be scheduled to discuss the Center’s philosophy and policies. Families will be introduced to the child’s Master Teachers. Children are encouraged to visit the classroom prior to starting, if accompanied by a parent.

Back to School Night: A back to school night is held each Fall to allow Master Teachers and parents to get acquainted, discuss guidelines of the classroom, and select parent representatives to the Parent Advisory Board.

Sing Along: Each December, before Winter Break, the whole Center meets in the MPR to sing songs that each classroom selects as favorites.  Families are encouraged to join us and sing along!

Classroom Spring Event: The Spring Classroom Event is informal and allows information to be shared between Master Teachers, Professional Interns and families about curriculum, philosophy, educational goals, classroom projects and children’s interests, etc. Parents are encouraged to attend.

Opportunities for Family Involvement

Garden Party and Work Days: The garden is a year round experience. Families are encouraged to be part of this experience by volunteering at the annual Garden Work Days, attending the Annual Garden Party and in any other way desired.  Please contact your Master Teachers, the Director or Assistant Director if you are interested.

Magical Moments: Magical Moments are short presentations or experiences offered by families, the University or community members.  Each semester, we strive to provide children with extra experiences that we are unable to provide on a daily basis at the Center. Some of these experiences might be related to music, art, dance, magic, etc. If a parent has a special talent or knows someone that does, we would encourage them to share the talent with children of the Center as part of the Magical Moment series. Please contact your Master Teachers, the Director or Assistant Director if you are interested.

Birthday Celebrations: Parents who would like to provide a snack for birthday celebrations should consult with the Master Teacher in their child’s classroom. Families may bring in fruit or vegetables to share.  Please no cupcakes or cakes. If you are planning a celebration for your child outside of the Center, please distribute party invitations through the mail or by contacting children and their parents outside of the Center. We discourage the distribution of party invitations through the Center unless the entire class is invited.

Parent Education: Ongoing parent education is available through discussion with the Master Teachers, Parent Advisory Board Meetings, semester classroom meetings and other session or meetings as deemed appropriate.

Parent Feedback and Concerns

Parent Evaluation of the Center: Parents are encouraged to provide feedback regarding the Center’s program to the Master Teachers or Directors. Each Spring, parents are given the opportunity to complete a 24 question NAEYC Family Survey to help the Center maintain our NAEYC Accreditation..

Procedure for Discussing Parental Concerns: Depending on the concern, parents should first address Master Teachers in the classroom by requesting a conference with them.  If needed, parents can set up an appointment with the directors by stopping in, calling 740-593-1819 or emailing or  We take all concerns very seriously and will work to resolve them.

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