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The following areas are covered by Child Development Center Policies.

Health Policy. Includes the information of the Center's policy on Management of communicable diseases, mildly III children, supervision of sick children, readmittance after illness, medication. Please refer to the OUCDC Handbook for complete information.

Discipline Policy. We believe that the goal of discipline in a child care setting should be to help children develop self-control and appropriate social skills such as cooperating, helping, negotiating, and talking with others involved to solve the problems.

Safety Policy. The staff of the Child Development Center works to maintain a safe environment for all children. Children are supervised by sight and sound at all times. Children are never left alone. At least one teacher is present in each classroom when children arrive and depart. A phone is located in each room allowing teachers immediate access to call for help in case of emergencies. Parents must bring their child(ren) into the classroom and make the teacher aware of their presence. Also, parents must check in with a teacher when picking up a child for departure. Children cannot be released to individuals younger than 16 years of age. The safety policy includes swimming, outdoor play, toys from home, incident reports, supervision policy, arrival/departure, storage of cleaning products, evacuation procedures, serious injury and field trip safety.

Child Abuse Policy. Staff trained in Child Abuse Recognition and Prevention are on the Center's premises at all times. If a staff member suspects that a child has been abused or neglected, he/she will notify the Director or Assistant Director. The staff member will then contact Athens County Children’s Services. Staff who report suspicions of child abuse or neglect are immune from discharge, retaliation or other disciplinary action. If a staff person is accused of abuse or neglect, Ohio University Human Resources and Legal Affairs would be contacted. The accused person would be put on administrative leave pending investigation. Athens Children’s Services would also be contacted.

Meals and Snacks Policy. The Ohio University Child Development Center serves all children a nutritious morning snack that consists of a bread product (whole wheat bagel, muffin, cereal, etc) milk and fresh fruit or canned fruit in fruit juice. Parents will provide a packed lunch and afternoon snack for their child which must follow the nutritional requirements stated by ODJFS (Ohio Department of Job and Family Services).

Transportation Policy. For parents: drop off and pick up parking is provided near the entryway to the Center. Handicap accessible parking is available. For students: Students can park on the street behind the building (west Ridge Drive) next to ball fields or they can take the Bobcat Express to the Center. The Cats Cab runs every hour. Students with a commuter tag may park in the designated commuter lots; limited parking is provided in this area. Students cannot park in the parking lot next to the building.

Please read the OU CDC Handbook for a complete information regarding the Center's Policies.