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Professional Intern

The Ohio University Child Development Center is a site for Professional Interns in Early Childhood Education.  Professional Interns will experience an 16 week internship for four and a half hours a day, five days a week.  The Pre-Primary Professional Internship is the pre-service teacher’s capstone experience at Ohio University.  In order to become a Professional Intern, the student must have completed requirements of their program. The Pre-Primary Professional Internship provides the pre-service teacher with an opportunity to co-teach and participate in the planning and implementation of an early childhood curriculum.

By the end of the semester, the professional intern is expected to complete the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate the professional skills and characteristics of an early childhood teacher (dependable, approachable, patient, sense of humor, self-confident, initiative, organized, prepared, warm, friendly, caring and motivated)
  • To organize and manage classroom activities, procedures and routines in an effective manner.
  • To plan and implement appropriate positive guidance and discipline principles and strategies with young children
  • To demonstrate positive relationships with children
  • To communicate with and respond effectively with children
  • To demonstrate and use technology to support classroom instruction
  • To demonstrate positive relationships with families served
  • To demonstrate understanding of the diversity of children and families that are served
  • To effectively communicate with and respond to families that are served
  • To demonstrate positive relationships with Classroom Teacher, Instructor and other staff
  • To communicate openly and honestly with the Classroom Teacher, Instructor and other staff
  • To demonstrate reflective thinking in all aspects of the student teacher experience

Professional Interns will begin the semester by observing the classroom environment to start to understand how to work effectively with young children at the Child Development Center.  Each week students will continue to observe and reflect on the experience as they work with their co-Master Teachers to develop ideas for activities and projects in the classroom.  Each week more and more requirements will be added to their experience.  By the end of the semester, they will have a two week in-charge time, where they will take over the classroom with Master Teacher supervision.  The Professional Interns will be evaluated with a mid-term and final.  If the Master Teachers feel the intern is have difficultly, the master teacher may use more evaluations and may share this information with the Assistant Director, Director or Professional Intern Supervisor.  The Professional Interns final grade will be in collaboration with the Master Teachers and the Professional Interns Supervisor at the end of the semester.

Master Teachers are required to:

  • Meet each Professional Intern weekly to discuss their development
  • Read and evaluate their lesson plans and return in a timely manner
  • Read and evaluate the Professional Intern’s observation of two children.
  • Meet with the co-master teacher and the Professional Interns once a week to plan for the classroom
  • Introduce the Professional Intern  to the children and families
  • Supervise the Professional Intern at all times
  • Work with the intern professionally and collaboratively
  • Exchange phone numbers
  • Share expertise about the school, children, families, profession and community
  • Be open to new ideas and ways of mind
  • Treat Professional Interns with respect
  • Return work in a timely manner
  • Share classroom/center rules
  • Support the Professional Intern as needed


For more information please contact:
The Ohio University Child Development Center
Horse Barn Lane
The Ridges, Building 27, Telp: 740-593-1819