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Resources for Students

Participation Opportunities for Students

The OUCDC serves as a practicum site for students majoring in Early Childhood Education in the Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education. Over four years, these students spend over two hundred and sixty hours at the Child Development Center. In their first experiences at the Center, the students develop basic understandings of early childhood education through observation and interacting with children and Master Teachers.

In further experiences, including the Pre-Primary Professional Internship, Professional Interns develop a deeper understanding of the pedagogy and practice of early childhood education through observation, planning, implementation, reflection, and documentation. The Professional Interns work as part of a teaching team of fellow Professional Interns and Master Teachers in the classroom.

The Center also serves as a practicum site for students in the following programs:

  • Interior Architecture
  • Physical Therapy
  • Industrial Technology
  • Health and Sport Sciences
  • Nutrition

Intern Programs

  • AtCo Sheltered Workshop


The student involvement ranges from a single observation to on-going participation in the classroom environment.
The Center also employs students in the Work Study Program and PACE career exploration program.

Students Placements at OUCDC

In order for students to do lab work at the CDC, the following information must be on file:

  • Physical Form
  • Statement of non-conviction
  • Fingerprint/Background Check by BCII and FBI
  • Copy of High School Diploma or transcript with graduation date
  • Orientation Form


For further information or questions about placements for students, please contact Lisa Frasure, director, ( or Kristin Mazzeo Barron, assistant director (

Site for Research

The Child Development Center serves as a site for research by Center staff and University faculty and students. Research is done through observation in the classroom, video observations, and interaction with children. Researchers comply with University guidelines and permission is obtained from parents prior to beginning research.

Other Collaboration

We are always open to collaborative ideas. Please contact please contact Lisa Frasure, director, ( or Kristin Mazzeo Barron, assistant director ( if you have a proposal for a collaboration.


For more information please contact:
The Ohio University Child Development Center
Horse Barn Lane
The Ridges, Building 27, Telp: 740-593-1819