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Ann Paulins

Senior Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies

McCracken Hall 02H

Dr. Ann Paulins holds the B.S. in Fashion Merchandising and Promotion and the M.S. in Textiles and Clothing, both from Ohio University. She also holds the Ph.D. in Consumer Aspects of Textiles and Clothing from The Ohio State University. Dr. Paulins teaches courses in retail merchandising and fashion product development with a focus on professional career development and merchandising. Additionally, she teaches a Tier III course titled Women and Leadership. Her major research interests include ethical decision making by consumers and fashion industry professionals, and consumersmotives for their fashion choices.

Most Recent Publications:

Kestler, J.L. and Paulins, V.A. (2014) Fashion Influcences between Mothers and Daughters: Exploring relationships of Involvement, leadership, and Information Seeking. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 42(4), 313-329.

Paulins, V.A., & Hillery, J.L. (2009). Ethics in the fashion industry. New York: Fairchild.

Paulins, V.A. & Hillery, J.L. (2005). Careers!: Professional development for retailing and apparel merchandising. New York: Fairchild.

Paulins, V.A. (2008). Characteristics of retailing internships contributing to students' reported satisfaction with career development. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 12(1), 105-118.

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Paulins, V.A. (2005). An analysis of customer service quality to college students as influenced by customer appearance through dress during the in-store shopping process.  Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 12(5), 345-355.