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Student Organizations

Thank you for visiting the PCOE's Student Organization Directory. 
We hope you will find this list useful in learning more about the organizations in which PCOE students are playing important roles. Taking part in an organization is one way to help further enrich your educational experience at The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education.

American Association of Family and Consumer  Sciences


C. Odom Peer Mentor Program 

This program matches incoming students/transfer students with 3rd and 4th year Patton College of Education students. This allows students to share extra experience and insight about The Patton College and Ohio University with new students.

Executive Board
Advisor: Kelly Davidson; Email:

Chi Sigma Iota 

Chi Sigma Iota is an international honor society for professional counselors, counselor educators, and students in the counseling field. Established in 1985 at Ohio University, CSI strives to promote scholarship, research, professionalism, leadership, and excellence in counseling, while also recognizing high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical counseling excellence.

Membership Requirements: Membership in Chi Sigma Iota is by chapter invitation to both students and graduates of counselor education programs. Students must have completed at least two quarters of full-time graduate coursework in a counselor education degree program, have earned a grade point average of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 system, and received a recommendation for membership from his/her CSI Chapter.

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President: Huan-Tang Lu; Email:
Treasurer: Victoria Little; Email:

Collegiate Association of Social Studies Teachers


Advisor: Frans Doppen; Email:

Collegiate Middle Level Association (CMLA)*

CMLA is an organization designed specifically for Middle Childhood and AYA majors who have a passion for middle level students. CMLA meets five times each quarter and its members participate in service, socials and fundraisers, as well as engage in professional development opportunities. *Currently inactive

Membership Requirements: Designed for middle level and AYA education majors interested in teaching grades 4-9. Members must attend at least 4 CMLA meetings each quarter, participate in at least one service activity, social and fundraiser each quarter, and pay $15 annual dues.

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President: Emily King; Email:
Treasurer: Cora Cachat; Email:
Advisor: Lisa Harrison; Email:

Collegiate Music Educators National Conference, Chapter 231

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President: John Rodesh; Email:
Treasurer: Mallory Scaife; Email:
Advisor: Paul Mayhew, PhD.; Email:

Dean's Advisory Council

The Dean’s Student Advisory Council is comprised of student leaders in The Patton College of Education who meet regularly with the Dean to convey the academic, social and professional needs and concerns of the student body. The advisory council is charged with maintaining open lines of communication between students and administration, ensuring that The Patton College remains student-centered.

Executive Board
Dean Renée A. Middleton; Email:
Assistant Dean Maureen Coon; Email:

Fashion Associates 

To promote and aid students who want to pursue a career in the fashion industry. The group focuses on professional development, fundraisers and philanthropy; including our biggest event the Mom's Weekend Fashion Show.

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President: Karly Siegel; Email: 

Treasurer: Elizabeth Witzgall; Email:
Advisor: Lisa Williams; Email:

Graduate Education Association 

Serves all master and doctoral students enrolled within all educational programs in the Ohio University Patton College of Education, providing student with resources, professional development, and mutual support.

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President: Kendra Jackson; Email:

Graduate Student Senate 

Graduate Student Senate acts as the official representative body of graduate students at OU, presenting the representative voice of graduate students and informing graduate students of issues relevant to their welfare.

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President: Carl E. Smith; Email:
Treasurer: M. Hashim Pashtun; Email:
Advisor: Joseph Shields; Email: 
CEHS Senator: Hannah Kloscak; Email:


The Instructional Technology Scholars Association (ITSA)

Executive Board
President: Tracy Robinson; Email:
Treasurer: Filipo Lubua; Email:
Advisor: David Moore; Email:

Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society 

To encourage high professional, intellectual and personal standards while recognizing outstanding contributions to education. We are active volunteers in the community and have a high degree of professional fellowship.

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President: Olivia Karle; Email:
Treasurer: Meghan Parton; Email:
Advisor: Heidi Mullins; Email:

National Honors Society in Family and Consumer Sciences (Phi Upsilon Omicron) 

National honor society for Family and Consumer Sciences and related academic disciplines.

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President: Sarah Flynn ; Email:
Treasurer: Emylee Smith; Email:
Advisor: Trina Gannon; Email:

Ohio University Council for Teachers of Mathematics (OUCTM) 

OUCTM is a professional organization affiliated with the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics (OCTM) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). OUCTM members participate in all-member meetings with opportunities to hear professional speakers and resource information. Members have the opportunity to attend OCTM and NCTM conferences, as well as participate in our volunteer tutoring program that provides free tutoring to local schools.

Membership Requirements: Members are required to join OUCTM and OCTM. They may join OUCTM/OCTM by submitting their $20 annual membership fee to any executive officer. Please email the organization for an application.  Paid membership comes with a t-shirt, while supplies last. Anyone who has taught, is teaching, or will teach mathematics is welcome.

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President: Derek Sturgill ; Email:
Treasurer: Nicholas Alesantrino; Email:
Advisor: Allyson Hallman-Thrasher; Email:

Ohio University National Science Teachers Association (OUNSTA) 

OUNSTA will provide an organized source of information that: a)Promotes the mission of NSTA. b)Acquaints pre-service teachers of science with the support resources available from NSTA; c)Provides additional professional development in science education to pre-service teachers; d)Acquaints pre-service teachers of science with others like themselves at their university and across the United States and Canada; e)Provides a wealth of ideas to share amongst all participants, f)Assists in building hands-on experiences that could be utilized in a classroom environment, and to help develop problem solving concepts with our peers.

Membership Requirements: OUNSTA will welcome any Ohio University Student who is interested in science education.

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President:  Kristen Eads; Email:
Treasurer: Yinjiao Gong; Email:
Advisor: Dr. Sami Khan; Email:

Ohio University Student Education Association (OUSEA) 

OUSEA is affiliated with the Ohio Student Education Assocation and the National Education Association. Its goal is to help teachers and students succeed with the benefit of free subscriptions to Instructor Magazine, Ohio Schools and NEA Today newsletters, attending conferences, networking, legal services and tons of discounts.

Organization Email:

Executive Board
Emily Montgomery; Email:
Treasurer: Madeline Holthaus; Email:
Advisor: Kathleen Haskell; Email:

Physical Education Club 

The purpose of the Physical Education Club is to represent and involve all of its' members who are physical education majors by: providing opportunities for professional development and to conduct student research.

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President: Sebastian Pique; Email:
Treasurer: Ryan VanDyke; Email:

Professional Retail Leaders 

Our mission is to educate and inform future and present retail merchandising majors, help to organize information sessions, workshops, and other events for retailers coming to campus to recruit, and help organize events inside the Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development program in the Department of Human and Consumer Sciences Education.

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President:  Elizabeth Witzgall; Email:
Treasurer:  Sara Masur; Email:
Advisor: Lisa Williams; Email:

Recreation Club (Majors Only)

Opened to OU students who are interested in recreation, especially outdoor recreation. The club participates in outdoor related service including organizing a Hocking River Clean-up. The club introduces students to a variety of recreational opportunities.

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President:  Nicolette Manning; Email:
Treasurer:  David Conkle; Email:
Advisor: Annie Frisoli; Email:

The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education Student Ambassadors 

The Student Ambassador Program has been established to improve outreach to prospective and current students, strengthen communication with the Athens community and Ohio University groups, and build relationships with our alumni. Ambassadors will represent The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education and serve as hosts and hostesses at various meetings, conferences, and events, both on and off-campus. Ambassadors are a select group of students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and exemplary student leadership. They are dedicated to serving and representing The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education and the education profession.

Executive Board
Program Co-coordinator: Kelly Czack; Email:   
Program Co-coordinator: Curt Plummer; Email: 

Student Council for Exceptional Children 

SCEC on the Ohio University campus is a student directed organization that supports the mission and beliefs of the national Council for Exceptional Children. CEC national “ the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted. CEC advocates for appropriate governmental policies, sets professional standards, provides continual professional development, advocates for newly and historically underserved individuals with exceptionalities, and helps professionals obtain resources necessary for effective professional practice.”

Membership Requirements: All Education and related field majors welcome .

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President: Jordan MaskerEmail:
Treasurer: Audrey CoyneEmail:
Advisor: Karen OswaldEmail:

Student Early Childhood Organization (SECO) 

A service group focusing on the lives of children, with a primary focus on providing educational opportunites, service, and resources for students at OU.

Membership Requirements: 3 activities (2 being active) 1 fundraiser

Organization Email:

Executive Board
President: Hannah Johnson; Email:
Treasurer: Brianne Tabar; Email:
Advisor: Eugene Geist; Email:

Student Personnel Association 

SPA seeks to promote professional development, provide a social support for, and enhance the knowledge of its members in higher education.

Membership Requirements: Must be a CSP major to join.

Organization Email: 

Executive Board
President: Ally Hays; Email:
VP Finance: Austin LaForest; Email: 

Students for Education Reform

Students for Education Reform is a national student-led movement to end educational injustice. SFER believes that a student's access to an exceptional education should not in any way be based on their race, class, or zip-code.  With over 100 chapters all over the nation, college students are working hard to affect education reform in their community, in their state, and across the nation.

Chapter Leader: Katie Thoburn
Membership Director: Andy Jenigar
Advisor: Pam Beam

Organization email: