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Graduate Programs



  • Learn how to apply engineering principles and practices to improve human health.

  • Prepare to improve society in public and private sectors by performing leading research in sustainable energy, corrosion prevention, environmental remediation, biobased polymers, and more.

  • Find even better ways to improve society in environmental, transportation, structures engineering, construction engineering and management, and more.

  • Get grad-level training in everything from algorithms to machine learning, and perform research in aviation navigation, smart health, bioinformatics, and more.

  • Get grad-level training and perform research in antennas, control theory, nanoelectronics, computer architecture, communications, navigation systems, vLsi, pattern recognition, and optoelectrics.

  • Join our long history of research in avionics, computer architecture, vLsi, nanoelectronics, smart health, machine learning, visualization and gaming, and biomedical computing.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge in areas from manufacturing systems to technology management, while improving decision processes, system analysis, and complex systems design.

  • Emphasize biomedical engineering, manufacturing, deformable solid body mechanics, sustainable energy, FEA, robotics and rigid body mechanics, advanced materials or thermo-fluids.

  • Develop advanced skills to perform original research in a variety of areas from robotics, to materials, to supply chains, to human factors.

  • Russ College offers three online master’s degree programs to help you reach your career goals while you’re working in the field.