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Undergraduate Programs


  • Take your love of flight to a higher level. Coursework in business and management will prepare you for all aspects of the industry.

  • Transform raw chemicals into products for commercial-scale production in an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient way.

  • Support society with the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of roads, bridges, buildings and water systems-even creating environmentally sustainable and green infrastructure.

  • Learn the fundamentals of computing: software development, programming languages, computer architecture- while getting the chance to work on iPhone apps and video game engines.

  • Study everything from electric power to GPS to the latest smart phone technology, or choose computer engineering and learn to research, design, develop, and test computer hardware and software systems.

  • Learn about the challenges of powering a global society and work on sustainable solutions to address fossil fuel shortages, life cycle energy costs, and environmental impacts.

  • How do things work? How are they made? How can you improve them? Make processes more efficient and affordable, faster and safer, and increase quality. Also see our online BSTOM program.

  • Increase efficiency, save money, and improve processes for anything from supply chains, manufacturing systems, distribution centers, and transportation systems, to medical and pharmaceutical organizations.

  • Lightweight snow skis or clean-coal technology? Create machines for transportation, recreation, and the production of energy or goods.

  • Continue your education with this online completion program and learn to design, control and manage technical processes while continuously improving an organization’s operations.