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CEER Alumni


Allen Rodriguez-Silva, MS '16

Thesis: Graphene Oxide-based Novel Supercapacitor Immunosensors for Physiological Biomarkers Detection

Santosh Vijapur, PHD '15

Principal Scientist, Faraday Technology Inc.
Dissertation: Engineering Graphene Films from Coal

Vedhasri Vedharathinam, PHD '15

Post-Doctoral Researcher, PARC: A Xerox Company

Luis Diaz Aldana, PHD '14

Electrochemical Engineer/Scientist, Idaho National Laboratory
Dissertation: Mathematical Modeling of Ammonia Electro-Oxidation on Polycrystalline Pt Deposited Electrodes

Arthur Gildea, MS '13

Process Engineer, Jedson Engineering
Thesis: Self-Supporting Tin Oxide/ Graphene Electrode for Lithium Ion Batteries

Ramasamy Palaniappan, PHD '13

Process Chemical Engineer, Kore Infrastructure
Dissertation: Improving The Efficiency Of Ammonia Electrolysis For Hydrogen Production

Damilola Daramola, PHD '11

Assistant Director for Technical Business Development, Ohio University
Dissertation: Theoretical Characterization of Ammonia Oxidation Species on Platinum Clusters

Xin Jin, PHD '09

Research Associate, Armstrong Pharmaceutical Inc.
Dissertation: Coal Electrolysis to Produce Hydrogen at Intermediate Temperatures

Deepika Singh, MS '09

Senior Member of Technical Staff, Stealth Mode Start-up
Thesis: Analysis of Urea Electrolysis for Generation of Hydrogen

Nilesh Sathe, MS '06

Process Engineer, Spectra Energy
Thesis: Assessment of coal and graphite electrolysis

Purusha Bonnin, MS '06

Research Engineer, The Babcock and Wilcox Company
Thesis: Electrolysis of Ammonia Effluents: A Remediation Process with Co-generation of Hydrogen

Matthew Cooper, MS '05

Teaching Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University
Thesis: Electrocatalysis of the Oxidation of Ammonia by Raney Nickel, Platinum and Rhodium