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Job Opportunities

We are always looking for creative undergraduate and graduate students to join the CEER team!

A typical day as a team member might involve: 

  • Building a computational catalyst that investigates surface adsorption and reaction kinetics
  • Deploying a mathematical model that explores transport phenomena in an electrochemical cell
  • Analyzing a reaction through real-time visual evolution of catalyst structure and reaction intermediates
  • Synthesizing advanced materials like graphene from cheap raw materials like coal
  • Developing a proposal to Ohio University and government agencies to fund a potential idea
  • Writing a technical paper that informs the general public about research results and future direction
  • Participating in a professional conference to present results and network with fellow researchers
  • Engaging the next generation of scientists and engineers through elementary and high school outreach.

Please check the official Ohio University jobs website at for other employment opportunities.

For more info., contact CEER at 740.331.4401.