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Our mission in the Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research is to enhance research and scholarship in electrochemical engineering, to educate future generations in electrochemical technologies, to provide public awareness and disseminate scientific knowledge on topical issues related to electrochemistry, and to contribute to local, regional, national, and international economic development.

We strive to:

  • develop solutions to global problems (sustainable energy, water, air) through an electrochemical approach
  • educate future generations of experts in electrochemistry and electrochemical technologies
  • be a resource to industry and government on policy issues where electrochemical technologies can provide solutions
  • disseminate scientific knowledge on electrochemistry and electrochemical technologies
  • contribute to economic growth (local, regional, national, and international)

Innovation and technology are the pivotal points of the Center. The Center focuses on providing out of the box solutions to the problems encountered by chemical and electrochemical industries.

Want to be a part of supporting manufacturing through electrochemical innovation? For more info., contact CEER at 740.331.4401.