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About Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

A Message from the Director

DabelkoWelcome to the Environmental Studies Program at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, one of the first such programs in the United States. Founded in 1970 as an interdisciplinary graduate program, the Environmental Studies Program follows a learning-by-doing model of research, study, and application in a range of cross-cutting issues.

The “Think, Innovate, Lead” approach of the diverse Voinovich School enables students to grapple with pressing environmental and energy challenges through

  • In-depth academic research and training
  • Hands-on project experiences with public and private profit and nonprofit sector partners
  • Professional publishing and presentation opportunities

Students, faculty, and professional staff train their attention on challenges from local to global and the connections to all levels in between.

The program offers a broader academic experience than a traditional course of study can provide. It gives you the flexibility to pursue coursework and research spanning numerous disciplines. Students, faculty, and professional staff come together with business, humanities, social, physical, and biological sciences and engineering backgrounds.

Whether it is unearthing the impacts of energy extraction on water, identifying sustainable second generation biofuels, or responding to emerging climate change and security linkages, dynamic faculty-student-staff teams stand ready to engage on cutting edge topics of the 21st century.

I look forward to seeing you in all the places MSES team are engaged: the special setting that is Athens in southeastern Ohio, the statehouse in Columbus or the Capitol in Washington, or in the arid countryside of Kenya or tropical forests of Costa Rica.

Geoff Dabelko
Director, Environmental Studies