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Environmental Studies Faculty

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Geoffrey D. Dabelko

Ph.D., University of Maryland Professor and Director of Environmental Studies 740-593-2117 Building 22 Room 119B, The Ridges

Sarah Davis

Ph.D., West Virginia University Associate Professor 740-597-1459 Building 22 Room 224, The Ridges

Derek Kauneckis

Ph.D., Indiana University Associate Professor 740-566-7049 Building 22 Room 223, The Ridges

Natalie Kruse

Ph.D., Newcastle University, U.K. Assistant Professor 740-593-9526 Building 22 Room 225, The Ridges

Environmental Studies Faculty Advisory Committee

Current Members

Members of the Environmental Studies Faculty Advisory Committee are drawn from departments and disciplines across Ohio University. They teach many of the courses in the Environmental Studies Program and are regular members of our students’ thesis and leadership practicum committees.

Honors Tutorial College Environmental Studies


Geoffrey L. Buckley

Ph.D., University of Maryland Director of Studies, Honors Tutorial College Environmental Studies
Professor, Department of Geography
College of Arts and Sciences 740-593-9846 Clippinger Laboratories 109

American Electric Power Watershed Research and Reclamation Professor

Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson

Ph.D., Michigan State University Voinovich Fellow
Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences 740-593-0276 Wilson Hall 101 (West Green)