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Current Students


The Environmental Studies Program has students in a variety of programs. The flagship effort is the Master of Science in Environmental Studies (MSES) where approximately forty students from Ohio, around the country, and around the world are engaged in our flexible, interdisciplinary, learning by doing approach to education.

Graduate students from across campus who are not enrolled in the MSES Program have the opportunity to earn a Graduate Environmental Sustainability Certificate. Students in the graduate certificate program advance their training in these cross-cutting themes with courses drawn from across campus.

The Environmental Studies Program also features the Undergraduate Certificate in Environmental Studies where approximately 100 students from across colleges and departments choose five courses from different concentrations plus a capstone class or internship. The certificate is a valuable complement to a major and affords students the opportunity to learn with and from a diverse set of peers focused on pressing questions of sustainability and the environment.

Finally, the Honors Tutorial Program in Environmental Studies provides select undergraduates with an opportunity to work closely with faculty through the tutorial method. This honors program attracts some of the university’s top students to this reading intensive, in-depth format that emphasizes flexibility in class choice.

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