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All graduate programs have plenty of forms and Environmental Studies is no exception! Below you will find links to a number of key forms that will need. They include links to the thesis option or leadership practicum option as well as other useful program forms.

Contact Cheryl Hanzel at or stop by the Environmental Studies Student Services Office in Building 22 at The Ridges for more information on these and other program and university forms.


Ohio University has a standard format and requirements for theses. Information, templates, and forms are available from the Theses and Dissertations website.

Approval of Research Thesis Proposal Form

Leadership Practicum

Leadership Practicum: Timeline and Checklist

Advising Guide for Faculty

Self-Evaluation Form

ES Leadership Practicum Proposal Cover Page and Approval

Approval of Leadership Presentation

Practicum Site Evaluation



Curriculum Plan

Transfer of Credits Request


Student Travel Reimbursement Request

Assessment Form