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Prospective Students


The Environmental Studies Program offers three curricula, depending on your level of study and desired outcome:

  1. Master of Science in Environmental Studies
  2. Graduate Certificate in Environmental Sustainability
  3. Undergraduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies

Each of these programs takes a similar approach to the topic of environmental science and sustainability:

  • Interdisciplinary: Earth’s bioenvironment is a complex system affected by interactions between humans, other organisms, and the environment itself. Our curriculum combines the physical, biological and social sciences with business, the humanities, and even communications to offer a holistic view of environmental issues.
  • Learning by doing: Textbooks and lectures only go so far. Our students put their learning to work in applied research projects with faculty or practical experience with government agencies and nonprofit organizations.
  • Local to global: From pollution of local watersheds to global climate change, our environment faces numerous challenges on every scale. Our program prepares you to take on these challenges at whatever level you desire.