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Master of Science in Environmental Studies

Ohio University’s Master of Science in Environmental Studies curriculum combines graduate coursework with solid research. Created in 1970, the program meets the needs of students looking for a broader academic experience than a traditional course of study can provide. The program gives students the flexibility to pursue coursework and research spanning several disciplines. Our students have backgrounds ranging from business, humanities, and the social sciences to the physical and biological sciences and engineering.


Our program emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of environmental issues, giving students a holistic view of the challenges Earth faces. In 1995, to expand our interdisciplinary activities in applied and basic research and public policy, we joined with the Institute for Local Government Administration and Rural Development, which is part of the Voinovich School for Leadership and Public Affairs.



Time Frame

The program takes two years to complete. The first year is devoted primarily to coursework and beginning research under the supervision of an interdisciplinary research advisory committee comprised of three selected faculty members. During the second year, the student may complete a research thesis, or may complete a non-thesis research project and comprehensive examinations.


Faculty and student research and service projects have brought regional and national recognition to the program and to Ohio University. In addition, the Environmental Studies program enjoys cooperative relations with local community organizations through consultation and shared projects. The Environmental Management staff at the Voinovich School provides many applied research opportunities, as well as development and enhancement of real-world work skills, through formal and informal cooperative arrangements with Midwest Biodiversity Institute, Center for Applied Bioassessment and Biocriteria, U. S. Forest Service, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.


The program attracts students from across the United States and from abroad.


National and international recognition of the program's reputation is reflected in the impressive employment records of our graduates and their acceptance into doctoral programs at universities throughout the United States.