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Asian Studies Core Faculty

Ammarell, Gene
Department of Anthropology
Ph.D., Yale University.
Focus areas : Cognitive Anthropology, Social Change and Development, Ethnographic Field Methods, Anthropological Theory; Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Bugis.
Office : 153 Bentley Annex.
Office phone : 593-1379
Email: ammarell@ohio.edu

Burmeister, Larry
Development Sociology
Ph.D., Cornell University
Focus areas: Sociology of Development; Sociology of Agriculture; Rural Sociology; Economic Sociology; Political Sociology; East Asian Societies; Agricultural and Rural Development Policy
Office: Bentley Annex 113
Office phone: 740-593-1380
Email: burmeist@ohio.edu

Chen, Anne Cooper
Department of Journalism
Ph.D., University of North Carolina
Focus areas: International communication, theory, and gender studies
Office: Scripps Hall 235
Office phone: 740.593.2598
Email: cooper@ohio.edu


Collins, Brian
Department of Classics and World Religions
Drs. Ram and Sushila Gawande Chair in Indian Religion and Philosophy
College of Arts and Sciences
Office:  210J Ellis Hall
Office phone: 740-597-2103

Collins, Elizabeth
Department of Classics and World Religions
Ph.D., UC Berkeley
Focus areas: Religions of Southeast Asia, Southeast Asian Intellectuals, Human Rights, Indonesia, Buddhism, Folklore.
Office: 220 Ellis Hall
Office phone: 740-593-0392
Email: collinse@ohio.edu

Condee, William
Interdisciplinary Arts/Theater
Ph.D., Columbia University
Focus areas: Theater History and Criticism, Southeast Asian Puppetry.
Office: 102 Lindley Hall
Office phone: 740-593-1315
Email: condee@ohio.edu

Duschinski, Haley
Department of Anthropology
Ph.D., Harvard University
Focus areas: Political Violence, Peace & Peace building, Democratic Politics, Citizenship and the State, Applied Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, South Asia.
Office: 131 Bentley Annex
Office phone: 740-593-0823
Email: duschins@ohio.edu

Frederick, William
Department of History (retired)
Ph.D., University of Hawaii at Manoa
Focus areas: Southeast Asian History, Modern Indonesia.
Office: 423 Bentley Annex
Office phone: 740-593-4341
Email: frederic@ohio.edu


Hill, Joshua
Assistant Professor of History
413 Bentley Annex
E-mail:   hillj6@ohio.edu
Phone:  740-593-4354

Holcombe, Alec
Assistant Professor of History
405 Bentley Annex
E-mail: holcombe@ohio.edu

Jung, Chulho
Department of Economics
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Focus areas: Econometrics, International Economics, Microeconomic Theory, Mathematical Economics, Economics of Advertising, Financial Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Macroeconomics.
Office: 353 Bentley Annex
Office phone: 740-593-2041
Email: jung@ohio.edu

Kim, Yeong-Hyun
Department of Geography
Ph.D., Syracuse University
Focus areas: Globalization, Economic Geography, Urban geography, Migration, Asia.
Office: 105B Clippinger Labs
Office phone: 740-593-9179
Email: kimy1@ohio.edu

Kim, Youmee
Glidden School of Music
DMA, Ohio State University
Assistant Professor of Piano
Office: 586 Glidden Hall
Office phone: (740) 593-4244
Email : kimy5@ohio.edu

Lee, Marion S.
Department of Art History
Ph.D., Stanford University
Focus areas: Visual culture of East Asia and print culture of late imperial China, theories of representation, narration and historiography, issues of gender and identity.
Office: Seigfred Hall 435
Office phone: 740.593.0586
Email: leem2@ohio.edu

Lee, Victoria
Department of History
Ph.D., Princeton University
Focus areas:  History of modern science and technology, modern Japanese history, environment, business, and the state, craft and political economy, life sciences; chemical sciences and industry.
Office:  Bentley Annex 411
Office phone:  740.593.4338
Email:   leev@ohio.edu

Li, Jieli
Department of Sociology
Ph.D., University of California-Riverside
Focus areas: Social Change, Theory, Institutions, Development Studies, Conflict and Resolution, Asia/China Studies
Office: Bentley Annex 133
Office phone: 740.593.1373
Email: lij@ohio.edu

Lou, Hao
College of Business
Ph.D., University of Houston
Focus areas: Business Process Outsourcing to Offshore,Interactive communication technology adoption, Electronic commerce, Distance learning technology
Office: Copeland 226
Office phone: 740.593.1799
Email: lou@ohio.edu

Lybarger, Loren
Department of Classics and World Religions
Ph.D., University of Chicago Divinity School
Focus areas: Islamic Religion, Comparative Islamist Movements, Comparative Fundamentalisms, Religion and Nationalism, Palestinian Society and Politics, Middle Eastern Christianity, Sociology of Religion (Classical and Contemporary Theories; Key Analytical Concepts), Historical and Ethnographic Research Methods.
Office: 210 Ellis Hall
Office phone: 740-597-2100
Email: lybarger@ohio.edu

Marchenkov, Vladimir
Interdisciplinary Arts
Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Focus areas: Aesthetics, philosophy of myth, and Russian philosophy; art's relation to religion and philosophy, as well as its transformative powers; role of myth in cultural-historical change, articulation of aesthetic ideas, and evolution of artistic practices.
Office: 104 Lindley Hall
Office phone: 593-1316
Email: marchenk@ohio.edu

Matlack, Glenn
Department of Environmental and Plant Biology
Ph.D., University College of North Wales Bangor, UK
Focus areas: Plant Population Biology, Forest Herb Dynamics, Conservation
Office: 508 Porter Hall
Office phone: 593-1131
Email: matlack@ohio.edu

McDaniel, Drew
Department of Media Arts and Studies
Ph.D., Ohio University
Focus areas: Asian Media, Comparative Media Studies, Research Methods, Media Technologies, Malaysia.
Office: 215 RTVC
Office phone: 593-4855
Email: mcdanied@ohio.edu

Morgan, Charlie V.
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Ph.D., University of California
Office: 111 Bentley Annex
Office phone: 740-593-1371
Email: morganc3@ohio.edu

Ng, Eve
Media Arts and Studies, Women and Gender Studies
Ph.D. in Communication, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Office:  Schoonover Center 303
Additional Office:  31 S Court Street, Suite 103
Office phone:  740-593-0630
Email:   nge@ohio.edu

Oshita, Hiroyuki
Department of Linguistics
Ph.D., University of Southern California
Focus areas : Grammatical analysis of second language acquisition, word formation, argument structure and lexical conceptual structure, use of authentic materials in Japanese teaching.
Office: Gordy Hall 373
Office phone: 740-593-4570
Email: oshita@ohio.edu

Paxton-Pagan, Julia
Department of Economics
Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Focus areas: Development Economics, Microfinance, Latin American Development, African Development, Microfinance: outreach and sustainability of financial institutions, savings by the poor, group lending.
Office: 350 Bentley Annex
Office phone: 593-2042
Email: paxton@ohio.edu

Schermerhorn, John
College of Business
Ph.D., Northwestern University
Focus areas: Individual performance, organizational change and development, cross-cultural management, Southeast Asian business, international business ethics, innovation in higher education for business and management
Office: 204 Lindley
Office phone: 740-593-2061
Email: schermer@ohio.edu

Suzuki, Takaaki
Department Political Science
Ph.D., Columbia University
Focus areas: International Political Economy, Comparative Politics, East Asia.
Office: Bentley Annex 231
Office phone: 740.593.4378
Email: suzuki@ohio.edu

Tao, Liang
Department of Linguistics
Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder
Focus areas: International Political Economy, Comparative Politics, East Asia.
Office: Gordy Hall 363
Office phone: 740.593.9469
Email: tao@ohio.edu

Thompson, Christopher S.
Department of Linguistics.
Director, Ohio University - Chubu University Study Abroad Program.
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana
Office: Gordy Hall 351
Office phone:  740.593.0666
Email: thompsoc@ohio.edu


Yost, Edward
College of Business
Ph.D., Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, The Ohio State University.
Focus areas: Malaysia, strategic human capital management and executive development.
Office: 514D Copeland Hall
Office phone: 740-593-2085
Email: yost@ohio.edu





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