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The Asian Studies Undergraduate Program

Asian Studies Major Overview

BA4406 Asia Major : The interdisciplinary nature of the Asian Studies Major is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of Asia, or a more in-depth understanding of East or Southeast Asia. Students have the option of pursuing three distinct tracks: East Asia, Southeast Asia, and General Asia.

East Asia : China, Japan, and Korea comprise a vital region that stands at the forefront of dynamic changes in global politics and the world economy. As American businesses expand to East Asian nations, and East Asian-based businesses expand to the United States, many employers see graduates with a solid background in East Asia as desirable prospective employees.

Southeast Asia : Burgeoning economic trade with the United States, important sea lanes connecting the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and the region's extensive ethnic and religious diversity including the world's largest Islamic nation are a few of the factors that underlie Southeast Asia's strategic importance. The Southeast Asia track of the Asia major critically examines these trends as well as the rich cultures, traditions, and societies of Southeast Asia.


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