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Frequently Asked Questions about OVIC

What is OVIC?

 OVIC stands for the Ohio Valley International Council. It is the outreach arm of the Office of Global Affairs and International Studies (OGAIS) at Ohio University. OVIC promotes cultural and global sensitivity and helps to combat stereotypes in Southeast Ohio by offering cultural presentations in K-12 environments and other professional settings.

How does OVIC conduct outreach?

OVIC conducts outreach by having cultural consultants visit schools, businesses, non-profits and other relevant organizations. During these visits, cultural consultants conduct presentations, workshops and other activities from around the world to teach participants different things from various places around the globe.

Who can request an OVIC outreach presentation or workshop? 

Any school district, non-profit, business or governmental agency in the southeast Ohio region can request an OVIC presentation

How can one request an OVIC presentation?

To request an OVIC presentation, groups can fill out a request or send an email request to ovic@ohio.edu

Who is a cultural consultant?

A cultural consultant is an Ohio university student, staff or faculty member who has extensive experience in a country, continent or topic. 

How can one become a cultural consultant?

All Ohio University students, faculty and staff who have international experience and have stayed overseas for at least a year, can apply to be cultural consultants. Applications for consultants are accepted during the fall, and on as needed basis throughout the year. Applications can be found here.

Do cultural consultants get paid?

Consultants are paid an hourly rate for a very presentation and workshop they present. Payment covers time spent on travel and presentation. Consultants must be eligible to work in Ohio.

Who pays for travel costs associated with OVIC presentations?

OVIC covers all travel costs associated with travel.






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