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Forms for Undergraduate students


Here are several of the forms that undergraduate students may need:

Global Studies Majors Q2S Check-Sheet  
INST 4910 Internship Syllabus  
FERPA Compliance Statement  
Petition for Waiver  
Release of Information  
Petition for Reinstatement  
Petition for Immediate Reinstatement

For additional information, contact Assistant Director for Global Studies is Dr. Catherine Cutcher :


Forms for Graduate Students

Comprehensive Exam Guidelines

African Studies  
Asian Studies  
Communication and Development Studies  
Latin American Studies

Comprehensive Exam Notification of Intent  
Comprehensive Examination Reading List  
Comprehensive Examination Committee Member Evaluation  
Comprehensive Examination Program Director Evaluation  
Comprehensive Oral Exam Evaluation (LAS only)

Professional Project

African Studies  
Asian Studies  
Communication and Development Studies  
International Development Studies  
Latin American Studies  
Professional Project Proposal Approval  
Professional Project Evaluation


Grant Proposal (IDS only)

Grant Proposal Approval  



Thesis Proposal Approval Form  
Arrangements for the Oral Exam on the Thesis  
Oral Defense Forms

Independent Study

Independent Study Approval (for all programs)  


Internship Guidelines (for all programs)  
Internship Performance Review  
Internship Offer Validation  
Internship Information Sheet

Graduation Check Sheets

Please click here for the Graduation Check Sheets, as well as for instructions on filling out the forms and additional information.


Graduate Forms

Dual/Second Master's Degree Programs  
Application for Update of Graduate Academic Program








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