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dabelko Dr. Geoffrey Dabelko

Environmental Studies | dabelkog@ohio.edu
Climate change, natural resources, and security as well as environmental pathways to confidence- and peace-building, with a special emphasis on water resources.



grijalva Dr. Mario Grijalva

Biomedical Sciences | grijalva@ohio.edu
Multidisciplinary approach to infectious disease control in Ecuador, South America.


Steve Howard Dr. Steve Howard

Media Arts and Studies  howard@ohio.edu

Research methods/field methods in Africa; participatory research methods, Islam in Africa, Communication in the Muslim World, Rural development in Africa, social movements in Africa, Islam and socio-cultural change, children and African development.


Theo Hutchinson Dr. Theodore Hutchinson  

Education | hutchinj@ohio.edu
Philosophies of Education, Radical democratic community, anti-bias education, and pluralism (race, social class, gender and sexual orientation)




ice Dr. Gillian Ice

Social Medicine | iceg@ohio.edu
Human biology, Aging, Stress, Long-term care to grand parenting




Brad-Jokisch Dr. Brad Jokisch

Geography | jokisch@ohio.edu
Population, environment and development, impacts of population change in Latin America (Ecuador).




kim_1 Dr. Yeong-hyun Kim

Geography | kimy1@ohio.edu
Globalization, World-city politics and international labor migration



Kingori-Md Dr. Caroline Kingori

Social & Publich Health | kingori@ohio.edu
HIV/AIDS and mental health among people of African descent and immigrants; alcohol and drug use, community based participatory research, other sexually transmitted infections, health literacy and physical activity, instrument design and testing, program planning, implementation, community coalition-building; and monitoring and evaluation.


Matthew Layton Dr. Matthew Layton

Political Science | laytonm@ohio.edu

Dr. Layton’s research and teaching interests focus on the fields of comparative politics and Latin American politics.



Matthew LeRiche Dr. Matthew LeRiche

Global Leadership Center | leriche@ohio.edu


The director of the Global Leadership Center, Dr., LeRiche is an expert analyst of Sudan, South Sudan and East African political and security issues. He is also an experienced political risk analyst.






Dr. Jieli Li

Sociology | lij@ohio.edu


Sustainable Development, Social Change, Comparative Institutions, Democratization, Social Movements, and Conflict Resolution.




James Mosher Dr. James Mosher

Political Science | mosherj@ohio.edu 
College of Arts and Sciences


Musaraj Dr. Smoki Musaraj

Sociology and Anthropology / musaraj@ohio.edu Anthropology of Money and Value, Cash Economies, Bubbles and Crashes, Postsocialist Transformations, Corruption and the Rule of Law, Speculation in Construction




Julia Paxton Dr. Julia Paxton Pagan

Economics | Website | paxton@ohio.edu
Poverty, Development economics, International agricultural development, Microfinance

Andrew Ross Dr. Andrew Ross 

College of Arts and Sciences | rossa@ohio.edu

Andrew Ross is a broadly trained scholar of international relations, international law, and political theory. His research areas include Global politics, IR Theory, Emotions and Politics, and the Politics of Humanitarianism.


saar Dr. Assan Sarr

History / sarr@ohio.edu Women in African History, Modern Africa, Modern Africa's political and social history, Land tenure, Peace and conflict in Africa






smucker_1 Dr. Thomas Smucker

Geography | smucker@ohio.edu
Social and environmental change, land tenure, rural livelihood and resource management, and household and community strategies for coping with drought in East Africa





Takaaki Suzuki Dr. Takaaki Suzuki

Takaaki Suzuki is the Director of Asian Studies in the Center for International Studies. He is also a Professor of Political Science at Ohio University.

His work is primarily in the field of International Relations and Comparative Politics, with a regional specialization in East Asia. 



Dr. Elizabeth Edna Wangui

Interim Director
Geography | wangui@ohio.edu


Rural livelihoods in Africa with an emphasis on the intersections of gender, environment and development. Recent research focus has been on pastoralism and climate change adaptation in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania.


Myra-Waterbury Dr. Myra Waterbury

Political Science | waterbur@ohio.edu
Transnational ethnic relations, nationalism and politics, Diasporas and migration, politics of citizenship and democratization


whitson_1 Dr. Risa Whitson

Geography/Women's Studies | whitson@ohio.edu
Gender and development, Social geographies, informal sector, Argentina





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