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Our Directors and Staff

Center for International Studies 2018

Cutcher, Catherine

Catherine Cutcher

Assistant Director of the Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies Program

Catherine Cutcher is the Assistant Director for Global Studies Programs in the Center for International Studies at Ohio University. She teaches and advises undergraduate majors and certificate students in Global Studies.

For more information on Dr. Cutcher, please click here.


Dowler, Brianne Brianne Dowler

Administrative Specialist

Bri Dowler is an Administrative Specialist at the Center for International Studies. She has many duties, including helping students with forms, making graduate appointments, scheduling classes, taking advisory appointments, processing DARS exceptions and graphic design work.
Bri graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration in 2001.
When asked what she loves about her job, she answered, "...seeing students from all parts of the world come in. It's very exciting." She says the staff she works with is very much like a family, "...and I really appreciate that." Bri also mentions, "I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that I have helped students further themselves in some small way."

Center for International Studies Director Lorna Jean Edmonds Edmonds, Lorna Jean

Director of the Center for International Studies

Dr. Lorna Jean Edmonds the Director of the Center for International Studies. She also serves as OHIO's Vice Provost for Global Affairs and International Studies and as a Professor of Health Sciences and Professions. She joined OHIO in 2013 after having worked in four of Canada’s research-intensive universities. 

She received her Ph.D. at the University of East Anglia, UK; her M.H.A. at the, University of Ottawa, CAN; and her B.A. (Sciences) at Queen’s University, CAN. Dr. Edmonds has extensive international experience, working with universities, governments, industry and research funding and development agencies, and banks in more than 60 countries in Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa. For additional information please see:

Arthur Hughes Hughes, Arthur

Latin American Studies Director

Dr. Arthur Hughes is Director of Latin American Studies and Associate Professor of Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages. He received his B.A and M.B.A from the University of Ghana, Legon, a Spanish Philology Licenciature from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, and a Ph.D. in Hispanic literature and culture from the Arizona State University.

Dr. Hughes focuses on literary and cultural studies of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, with an emphasis on the African element in their cultural representations. His studies examine film, music, literature, and popular culture in Portuguese and Spanish, with the aim of signaling common themes and major differences.

For more information on Dr. Hughes,  please click here.



Kendhammer, Brandon Brandon Kendhammer

International Development Studies Director

Dr. Brandon Kendhammer is the Director of the International Development Studies Program at Ohio University. He also serves as an Associate Professor of Political Science

Dr. Kendhammer holds a B.A. in French and political science from Coe College and a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research and teaching interests are in the area of Nigerian politics, political Islam, and ethnic politics.

For more information on Dr. Kendhammer, please click here.

Caroline Kingori Kingori, Caroline

Acting Director of African Studies

Dr. Caroline Kingori is an associate professor in the College of Health Sciences and Professions, where she also serves as the Coordinator of the Master of Public Health program. She holds a PhD in Health Behavior from Indiana University, an MPH in Behavioral Health Sciences, from Morgan State University, and a BS in Psychology from Morgan State University.

For additional information on Dr. Kingori, please click here.

LeRiche, Matthew Matthew LeRiche

Director of the Global Leadership Center

Dr. Matthew LeRiche is the Director of the Global Leadership Center. He is also the Assistant Professor of Global Studies. He earned his Ph.D. and Masters of Research Department of War Studies at King’s College London, and his B.A. in Political Science and Law & Society at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

As an expert analyst of Sudan, South Sudan and East African political and security issues, LeRiche contributes to various publications, including the Huffington Post and Global Brief, and frequently comments on camera regarding African politics, development and security issues. He also has produced and written several documentary films about Sudan and South Sudan.

His coauthored book, “South Sudan: From Revolution to Independence,” published by Hurst and Co. and Oxford University Press, explains how South Sudan became the world’s newest state. He has also written about the approach of integrating armed groups after peace agreements and other aspects of post-conflict security sector reform as a part of peace building. In addition, LeRiche works as adviser on defense education supporting security sector reform programming. Additional information can be found on the Global Leadership Center website.


Maposa, Bose Bose Maposa

Assistant Director, Graduate Programs, Center for International Studies

Bose Maposa serves in a wide range of roles for the Center for International Studies. As the Assistant Director of the African Studies Program, she directs the program's communications efforts, manages student employees, teaches courses and helps with a wide range of responsibilities.

In her role with the Ohio Valley International Council, Bose promotes cultural and global sensitivity and helps to combat stereotypes in Southeast Ohio by offering cultural presentations in K-12 classrooms. For more information on the Ohio Valley International Council, please click here.

Bose also works with all of the programs in the Center for International Studies, assisting with communications, management, event planning, outreach and numerous other items. 

Negash, Ghirmai Ghirmai Negash

African Studies Director (on leave for the Spring 2019 semester)

Dr. Ghirmai Negash is the Director of the African Studies Program and a Professor of English & Postcolonial Literatures at Ohio University.

Negash received his PhD from the University of Leiden in 1999. His research and teaching interests include postcolonial African and world literatures, critical theory, orature, and translation. His main writings focus on the literatures and cultures of the Horn of Africa and South Africa.

A multilingual writer speaking several African and European languages, he publishes in English and his native language, Tigrinya. For more information on Dr. Negash, please click here.


Pittaya Paladroi-Shane Paladroi-Shane, Pittaya

World Languages Coordinator and Thai Lecturer

Pittaya Paladroi-Shane serves as the World Languages Coordinator and as a Thai Lecturer. She coordinates the Center for International Studies' African and Asian language programs.

Paladrio- Shane, who can also be referred to as Fon, also advises students who have questions related to language courses. In addition, she provides students with information on opportunities for scholarships to study languages, study abroad programs and a wide range of other opportunities.

Fon has worked for Ohio University since 2006 and enjoys assisting students and helping them to succeed. She has an office in Alden Library and is now also based part of the time in the Yamada International House Room 102. 

She is working towards her Ph.D. in the Individual Interdisciplinary Program at Ohio University. Her dissertation is an interdisciplinary study on Southeast Asian language programs in U.S. universities. She earned her M.Ed. in Cultural Studies from OHIO's Patton College of Education and earned her BA in Languages from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand

Sandal, Nukhet Nukhet Sandal

Director of Global Studies

Dr. Nukhet Sandal is the Director of Global Studies and is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Ohio University. Her research and teaching interests include human security, religion and global politics, conflict management and politics of divided societies.

Dr. Sandal earned her Ph.D. in Politics and International Relations from University of Southern California in 2010 and she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Watson Institute of International Studies at Brown University between 2010-13. She has published articles in the European Journal of International Relations, International Politics, Review of International Studies, Alternatives, Political Studies, West European Politics, Human Rights Quarterly, and Canadian Journal of Political Science.

In addition, she is the recipient of the 2016 Jeanette G. Grasselli Brown Faculty Teaching Award. For more information on Dr. Sandal, please click here.


Suzuki, Takaaki

Takaaki Suzuki

Asian Studies Director

Dr. Takaaki Suzuki is the Director of Asian Studies and a Professor of Political Science at Ohio University. He received his B.A. in Government and East Asian Studies from Oberlin College, his M.A. in International Affairs and Certificate in East Asian Studies from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, and his Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University.

His work is primarily in the field of International Relations and Comparative Politics, with a regional specialization in East Asia. He has conducted extensive research in Japan at the Ministry of Finance and the University of Tokyo through the funding of the Japan Foundation, the Social Science Research Council, and the American Council of Learned Societies. He held the Matsushita Postdoctoral Fellowship at Columbia University, and was a Visiting Scholar at the Reischauer Institute, Harvard University.

For more information on Dr. Suzuki, please click here.


Lawrence Wood Lawrence Wood

Communication and Development Studies

Dr. Wood is the Director of the Communication and Development Studies Program and an Associate Professor in the School of Media Arts and Studies.

Dr. Wood has published articles across a range of disciplines. His scholarship has focused on areas that include the digital divide; rural and regional development policy; indicators used to measure socioeconomic conditions; health disparities between urban and rural areas; grassroots level E-government; and discursive constructions of poverty in the media. He received his PhD in Geography from Penn State University, where he also earned master's degrees in Geography and in Agricultural, Environmental, and Regional Economics. His B.A is in liberal arts with an emphasis on history.

For more information on Dr. Wood, please click here.









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