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Sevilla Exchange

Seville, Spain

Master of Arts in Spanish with an optional Concentration in TEFL

Ohio University Department of Modern Languages in cooperation with the University of Seville

Program description

The Department of Modern Languages at Ohio University has established a three year Spanish Master's program with TEFL certification in conjunction with the English Language Department at the University of Seville in Seville, Spain. This unique opportunity, which includes a one-year exchange opportunity with the Universidad de Seville, is available to one student per year.

Exchange Program Dates

October – June of the student's second year.

Application process

To apply, students need to complete the application for the Spanish Master's program. They must clearly indicate in their statement of interest that they are applying to the "Three Year Master's Program in Spanish with a concentration in TEFL".

Application Deadline

Early March annually

Eligibility requirements

In addition to meeting the admission requirements for the Spanish Master's program, applicants to the Seville program must posses:

  1. Native or near-native English ability
  2. An advanced level of proficiency in Spanish or permission of the faculty director
  3. Knowledge of English grammar and American culture
  4. A demonstrated commitment to second language instruction

Degree Plan

Year One
The student will work toward requirements for the Master's Program in Spanish on the Ohio University, Athens campus.

Year Two
The student will spend October— June in Spain at the Universidad de Seville. S/he will work toward completing requirements for TEFL certification and gain practical language instruction experience by serving as a language assistant for 12 hours per week. The student may need to return to Athens and take summer courses in order to fulfill all Ohio University TEFL requirements.

Year Three
The student will return to Ohio to complete the remaining requirements for their Master's in Spanish degree.

Degree Awarded
Graduates of the program will receive a Master of Arts in Spanish and a TEFL certification issued by Ohio University.

Official transcripts for the one year exchange will be issued by the Universidad de Seville.


The student will be working towards the requirement for the TEFL certificate. S/he can select from any of the courses offered by the Department of English and Linguistics including courses in translation and language teaching.


Estimate for Academic Year 2015-2016

Non-resident surcharge waived for this program.

Gain practical language instruction experience
In addition to taking TEFL courses abroad, the student will gain valuable language instruction experience by serving in one of two capacities.

  1. Auxiliary Conversation Assistants provide support to Spanish faculty who offer courses in their respective disciplines in English. In most cases, the faculty member is not a native English speaker, so the assistant will enhance the delivery of course content in the English language.
  2. Linguistic Collaborators provide instructional support in ESL classes by facilitating oral language activities, helping to prepare or create teaching materials and promote cross-cultural understanding.

Students will contribute 12 hours per week in exchange for a monthly stipend of €700.

Activities and Responsibilities of the Language Assistants from Ohio University at the Universidad de Sevilla


  1. 20 hrs/week
  2. 4 hrs/day: either from 8.00-12.00 or from 11.00-15.00
  3. First semester usually starts in mid/late September and ends at Christmas; and second semester starts the first week in February and ends in mid July. Please check the school calendar available at the Universidad de Sevilla's website (www.us.es).


  1. Translate Spanish documents and files into English, i.e. a powerpoint presentation related to Human Resource Management; an Economy class case; Ph.D. guidelines and procedures; formal institutional agreements; etc.
  2. Review English translations, i.e. existing MA program outlines and procedures; maintaining and updating the Universidad de Sevilla's webpage; etc.


  1. English (MWF)
  2. Spanish (TTh)


  1. Access to free Spanish Language Courses from the Instituto de Idiomas, Universidad de Sevilla, in the late afternoons
  2. Access to free Postgraduate Courses from the Facultad de Filología, Universidad de Sevilla
  3. Access to University Library and other University Facilities


  1. Christmas – December 23 through January 8 (approximately).
  2. Easter Week and Feria – End of March-April-beginning of May. Five 5 days off during this period (3 for Easter/2 for Feria, or vice versa; 5 days for Easter or 5 days for Feria).


Find out about scholarships, using your financial aid and more for this program.


Student Services

Ohio University students will enjoy all of the services and privileges of University of Seville students.

For more information, please contact:

Emilia Marks
Modern Languages





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