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INST 1001: Cross-Cultural Preparation for Study Abroad

Group of study abroad students and locals from Tanzania.


Get the Most Out of Your Study Abroad Experience!

Planning to study abroad? Want to hit the ground running, fully prepared and ready to deal with the challenges of culture, language, cross-cultural communication, and culture-shock? Get ready with INST 1001, a 1-credit, study abroad, pre-departure course!

INST 1001 is offered online and is open to students planning to study abroad. The course is recommended both for long and short-term program participants. You can still register for Spring 2018 - the course runs October 22 - December 14, 2018.

The course provides students with an informed, cross-cultural perspective and the critical thinking skills needed for a successful experience abroad. You will gain an understanding of the concept of culture, both your own and the host country's culture, basic intercultural communication skills, and how to function and get the most out of life in a different culture.

We will explore topics such as stereotypes, identity, culture and how it shapes people, anti-Americanism, culture shock, health and safety abroad, and re-entry shock. You will also have an opportunity to take a closer look at the culture you will immerse yourself in during your time abroad. Finally, we will look at potential career benefits of an off-campus immersion program.

For more details, please visit the Ohio University Course Offerings page!

For more information, please contact:
Kirsten Dabelko
Instructor/Senior Program Coordinator
(740) 597-9039






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