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Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The best time for a study abroad or domestic experience is dependent upon your academic program and your goals. Many students choose to study abroad during their sophomore or junior year or during the summer.

  • You may study abroad for a quarter, a semester or an entire academic year. Some summer programs last between two and eight weeks. We encourage you to study abroad for the longest time possible.

  • While knowing a foreign language is an important and valuable skill, it is not a prerequisite for study abroad. There are many programs in English available throughout the world.

  • If you plan carefully with your academic advisor and have your study abroad approved as part of your academic program, it will not delay your graduation.

  • In many cases the cost of studying abroad is comparable to studying at Ohio University, with the additional cost of transportation. Open a savings account and try to save a minimum of $15 a week. It will add up fast!

  • In most cases your financial aid will apply. Your financial aid counselor will work with you to adjust your aid package to reflect the cost of studying abroad and to complete the necessary paperwork.

  • There are scholarships available through the Office of Global Opportunities for certain OHIO study abroad programs. There are also other institutional, regional and national scholarships which may be available to you. Visit our Scholarships Website for more information.

  • The possibilities are endless. You can get an intercultural experience, study a foreign language, or study the history and culture of the country in which the program in located. You will almost always find a program that suits your major.

  • In today's global society, any person needs to be able to operate in a culture other than his or her own. Study abroad is beneficial to any major.

  • A number of Ohio University students choose to work abroad, especially during the summer. There are select programs, which can help you locate a job and obtain a work permit for a particular country. Internships are also available through Ohio University and through other universities/organizations. Visit our Work Abroad and Internships Abroad pages for more information.





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