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New program teams up with K-12 teachers for innovative space project

Nov 8, 2015
Schools in Ohio and around the country now have the opportunity to take part in a program that allows students to send a science payload to the edge of space.
Teachers in Space has teamed up with Perlan (http://www.perlanproject.org/) to bring space science directly into the classroom.
Perlan has developed a glider deigned to soar at altitudes over 90,000 feet. This will set the world record for a non-powered manned vehicle. What’s interesting for educators is that inside the sailplane is a payload bay that can carry up to 4 CubeSat sized experiments 
The organization is looking for some really good experiments to fly on the Perlan II glider. The payload bay will be exposed to the outside airflow and and some optical instrumentation is possible (spectrographs, etc). Experiments  for the flights can range from atmospheric testing to low pressure effects on everyday objects, etc.
For more information on this free program, please visit http://teachers-in-space.com/project/perlan-cubesat-contest/
Deadline entry is Nov. 15.





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