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The OHIO Guarantee: Principles  

February 10th, 2014

    The OHIO Guarantee is a cohort based, level‐rate tuition, housing, dining, and fee model that assures a student and his/her family a set of comprehensive rates for the pursuit of an undergraduate degree at Ohio University within the parameters outlined in this document. A student’s tuition, housing, dining and fee rate is established based on first enrollment and remains “level” or unchanged, for four years (12 consecutive semesters).

    These Principles, along with the Ohio University Board of Trustees approved rates will be published on the Ohio University Bursar, Admissions and other student service websites, including The Student Handbook at

    Beginning with the 2015‐16 academic year (fall semester 2015 or spring semester 2016), every new degree‐seeking first‐year or transfer undergraduate (baccalaureate and associate) student, regardless of campus of admission or enrollment, will be part of The OHIO Guarantee at Ohio University.

    The student’s level‐rate cohort is established based on the first semester of enrollment (fall or spring semester, excluding summer semester) at Ohio University. Students whose first enrollment is summer semester will join the subsequent level‐rate cohort in effect for their next fall or spring semester of enrollment following the initial summer semester.

    Each year, a new level‐rate structure will be established by the Ohio University Board of Trustees to be effective for the new cohort that enrolls for the first time during the academic year.

    Additional details regarding the establishment of the student’s cohort:

    1. ESTABLISHMENT OF THE COHORT GROUP – Any student who is registered for classes as of the day after the Friday of the second week of the semester is considered “enrolled” for that semester. The first semester of enrollment establishes the level‐tuition cohort as outlined above. This establishment date is intentionally the same as the “no‐refund” date – the date after which students are charged 100% tuition and fees for the semester regardless of classes dropped on this date or thereafter; the official transcript includes all classes enrolled as of this date. For flexible schedule classes, the published “no‐refund”date is the rate cohort establishment date.
    2. SUMMER START STUDENTS – Students whose first semester is summer semester will pay the current summer rate, but will be treated as part of the entering subsequent fall class and assigned the same level‐rate cohort as students who start in the fall. Many of the new summer start students are students who have applied for the fall semester, such as those enrolled in the Summer Transition Program (STP). For example, students starting summer semester 2016 will pay the cohort 2015 rate for that summer, and then will subsequently be moved to the new cohort 2016 with the additional 4 years (12 consecutive semesters) at the level rate.
    3. RELOCATING STUDENTS FROM OHIO UNIVERSITY REGIONAL CAMPUSES – Level rates for students who enroll at a regional campus and then register for Athens classes in a subsequent semester (“Relocating Students”) are established based on their initial enrollment at Ohio University.
    4. INDIVIDUALLY ENROLLED ATHENS AND REGIONAL CAMPUS STUDENTS – In addition to fully relocated students, some regional campus students take classes both at a regional campus and at the Athens campus of Ohio University. As all new students at any campus will be defined within a cohort, this enables the tuition calculation for students on multiple campuses to utilize the level‐rate structure regardless of the campus at which (s)he starts.
    5. CONTINUING STUDENTS – Continuing students (students admitted prior to
      Summer 2014‐15) are not part of The OHIO Guarantee. These students will follow the traditional tuition model.
    6. NON‐DEGREE STUDENTS – Students admitted or enrolled as non‐degree students (who are not pursuing an undergraduate degree) are not part of The OHIO Guarantee. For example, high school students in the Post‐Secondary Enrollment Option Programs, other high school students, honors academy students, exchange students, local students taking occasional classes, etc. Once a student is defined as degree‐seeking, however, (s)he will be placed into the appropriate cohort based upon the initial semester enrolled as a degree‐seeking student.
    7. RE‐ENROLLING STUDENTS – Re‐enrolling students who were admitted in a degree‐seeking program prior to Fall 2015‐16 will follow the traditional tuition model, as the continuing students do, and are not part of The OHIO Guarantee. Re‐enrolling students who were initially admitted Fall 2015‐16 or later will be in their respective level‐rate cohort and will follow the regular rules after 12 consecutive semesters have elapsed.
    A student in The OHIO Guarantee will have 4 years (12 consecutive semesters), including the initial fall or spring semester of enrollment, at the level rate regardless of course load (i.e. student could be enrolled full‐time, half‐time, or not enrolled). This provides all students the opportunity to complete as many hours, majors, minors, certificates, or degrees within the 4 year (12 consecutive semesters) cohort. It fosters early degree completion and simplifies the calculation of when a student moves from one guaranteed cohort to another, thereby, treating all students equitably regardless of the amount of credit the student brings to Ohio University.

    The OHIO Guarantee cohorts are for 4 years (12 consecutive semesters). Some students may require additional semesters beyond the 12 to complete their baccalaureate degrees and can, in certain circumstances, apply for an exception. EXCEPTIONS – A student must apply for an exception prior to the conclusion of their 4 year (12 consecutive semesters) term. Students with approved exceptions may be granted additional semesters at their established cohort level rate.

    The OHIO Guarantee is a comprehensive program consisting of the following assured costs for students in The OHIO Guarantee:

    1. INSTRUCTIONAL FEE – If a student enrolls in Athens’ campus classes then the tuition rate is based upon the student’s level‐rate cohort. Any class on the Athens campus (including online classes that are not eCampus) will have the tuition rate determined based upon and included in the student’s established level‐rate cohort.
    2. GENERAL FEE – If a student enrolls in Athens campus classes, then the general fee rate is based upon and included in the student’s established level‐rate cohort. NON‐RESIDENT
    3. SURCHARGE FEE – If a student enrolls in Athens campus classes, then the non‐resident surcharge rate is based upon and included in the student’s established level‐rate cohort.
    4. SUPPLIES FEES ‐ Consumable supplies provided in coursework are included in the student’s level‐rate cohort’s tuition and fees.
    5. STUDENT INFORMATION SYSTEM/NETWORK FEE – If a student enrolls in Athens campus classes, then the student information system/network fee rate is
      included in the student’s level‐rate cohort’s tuition and fees.
    6. TECHNOLOGY FEE – If a student enrolls in Athens campus classes, then the technology fee rate(s) is/are included in the student’s established level‐rate cohort’s tuition and fees.
    7. BOBCAT STUDENT ORIENTATION (BSO) FEE – The student portion of the Bobcat Student Orientation fee will be included in the student’s level‐rate cohort’s tuition and fees.
    8. GRADUATION APPLICATION FEE – The graduation application fee will be includedin the student’s level included in the student’s level‐rate cohort’s tuition and fees and will not be charged as a separate fee at the time of application forgraduation.
    9. INDIVIDUAL COURSE FEE – In an effort to be completely transparent and assure costs associated with individual courses are included in The OHIO Guarantee, the Athens undergraduate individual course fees will be included as a single unchanging rate in The OHIO Guarantee. An average per student cost will be determined and charged to all students, thereby eliminating any unanticipated changes that may occur from year to year as a student is billed. There will be clear guidelines and exceptions outlined including but not limited to:

      1. Course fees for a small number of high‐cost programs or activities will be assessed beyond or in addition to level‐tuition and fees (e.g. assessed due to travel or aviation costs that exceed a pre‐determined amount).
      2. Program Fees/Study Abroad Fees/Domestic Travel Fees ‐ The instructional and general fees will be included in The OHIO Guarantee for these programs. However, additional fees (e.g. flight costs, activity fees, etc.) are not part of the OHIO Guarantee.
    The goal of The Ohio Guarantee is to provide a comprehensive view of the anticipated costs for completing an undergraduate degree at Ohio University. The following costs are included in The OHIO Guarantee:
    1. HOUSING RATES – Students in The OHIO Guarantee will be subject to a level housing rate that represents the various housing options available. The rate charged to the student is based upon the student’s chosen or assigned residence type, e.g. single room, double room with air conditioning, etc. If a student changes from one room type to another, the level housing rate charged to the student will change according to the established prices on the cohort housing rate table, subject to availability of the room type. Students choosing to reside on campus beyond the second year are not guaranteed a space or room type. However, if a space is available for a student who has met the two‐year on campus residency requirement then the established cohort rate for the available room type will be honored.
    2. CULINARY SERVICES MEAL PLAN RATES – Students in The OHIO Guarantee will be subject to a level meal plan rate based upon the type of meal plan selected. A student may select from different meal plan options at the established cohort rate.

    After year one, subsequent cohort increases will be determined by the combination of future biannual legislative prescribed tuition caps combined with a rolling five‐year average of the CPI. This rate will be benchmarked against the other State of Ohio four year research peer institutions’ four‐year rolling cost averages to account for the cohort pricing model. Any change in comparison, by which Ohio University’s pricing model has fallen significantly lower than those peer institutions will be submitted to the Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents for approval.

    Students in The OHIO Guarantee may enroll in as few or as many hours as they wish according to the University Catalog up to 20 hours per semester. Exceeding 20 hours requires college student services office approval. The initial semester of non‐summer enrollment establishes the level‐tuition rate cohort and the student has 12 consecutive semesters, including the initial non‐summer semester, to graduate with the guaranteed rate. Students who take less than a full‐time course load at the Athens campus will pay an hourly, pro‐rated amount based on the full‐time guaranteed cohort rate. If a student is enrolled on more than one campus, then the tuition is calculated based on the number of hours enrolled at each campus, not to exceed the comprehensive rate of The OHIO Guarantee.

    If a student in The OHIO Guarantee cohort chooses to stop out, withdraw, or is judicially suspended from the University, then the student will use the semester(s) of eligibility while absent within the 12 semester Guarantee. When this student re‐enrolls, if 12 semesters have not lapsed since initial enrollment, then the student is still charged the guaranteed rate based on his or her original cohort. If 12 semesters have passed, then the re‐enrolling student is moved to the next cohort (cohort plus one) unless it has been more than 15 semesters, then cohort plus two; more than 18 then cohort plus three; etc. Re‐enrolling (student who stops out for fall or spring semester) students admitted prior to Summer 2015 will not be in a cohort and therefore, are not part of The OHIO Guarantee and will follow the traditional tuition model.

    Students in programs that have been identified to the Ohio Board of Regents as requiring more than 128 hours to complete will automatically receive an additional 13th semester of the Guarantee. These programs currently require between 129 and 133 semester hours and account for a very small percentage of students. If a student internally transfers to one of these programs from a standard 128 or fewer credit‐hour program, (s)he will receive the automatic 13th semester in The OHIO Guarantee.

    Students may complete as many undergraduate degrees, majors, minors, and/or certificates as they are able within the 4 years (12 consecutive semesters) term of the OHIO Guarantee. Students pursuing a baccalaureate and a graduate course credit at the same time will have their undergraduate course credit assessed based on the level rate cohort. If the student is receiving graduate course credit, then the student will be charged the appropriate graduate fees (instructional, general, course, etc.) for those hours.

    Students who graduate in fewer than 12 semesters will continue to be permitted to enroll in classes at the initial level‐rate cohort until 12 consecutive semesters have passed. The OHIO Guarantee is designed to encourage graduation and students should be congratulated for finishing in fewer than 12 semesters. These students will see a savings compared to other students who need to take the full 12 semesters of classes.

    Students who take more than 12 semesters to graduate, are not in a program approved to require 4+ years, and are not part of an exception group (defined below), at the end of their 12th semester, will automatically be placed into The OHIO Guarantee cohort that went into effect the year after their initial cohort (initial cohort plus one). The student will remain in that cohort for up to three additional semesters and if still enrolled after that will be placed into the next cohort (initial cohort plus two) for the next three semesters, etc. until the student is no longer enrolled.

    There will be some students who require more than 12 semesters (or 13 for majors approved as requiring 4+ years) to graduate due to circumstances beyond their control. Each case will need to be evaluated on its own merit.

    An OHIO Guarantee Appeals Committee will be established to evaluate these exceptional cases. In most cases, these extenuating circumstances fall within the precedents already established by the long standing Tuition Appeals Committee and will be the starting basis for the new committee.

    Cases that would be given an automatic extension beyond the 12 semester Guarantee are:

    • STUDENT CALLED TO ACTIVE MILITARY OR RESERVE DUTY – A student called to active duty will be given an automatic extension of the Guarantee based upon the number of semesters impacted by his/her time served.
    Some examples of types of cases that could be considered likely to create an extension beyond the 12 semester Guarantee are:

    • REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION FOR DISABILITY – If it is determined that additional semesters are a reasonable accommodation of a student’s disability impact within The OHIO Guarantee, the Assistant Dean for Student Accessibility Services will make recommendations for the appropriate continuation.
    • MEDICAL CONDITIONS – A student who has extenuating medical issues will need to submit an appeal to extend the cohort rate based on his/her unique situation. The appeal will need to be evaluated individually and a determination made based on the nature of the medical issue.
    • OHIO PROGRAM OF INTENSIVE ENGLISH (OPIE) – A student may be admitted to a degree‐seeking program at the same time as completing language training in OPIE. If this is the case, then the student will be given automatically the additional semester(s), beyond the standard 12 semesters, equal to the number of semesters (s)he was in OPIE classes, up to the maximum 18. For a non‐degree seeking OPIE student who later declares a degree, then the student will be placed into the cohort associated with the semester (s)he was admitted to the degree‐seeking program.
    • INTERNSHIPS/CO‐OPS – A student in an approved internship and/or co‐op through his/her college may be granted additional semester(s) at his/her established cohort rate equal to the semesters s/he was enrolled in internship/co‐op credit.
    • UNIVERSITY ERRORS – If it is determined that a University error caused a student to have to extend beyond the 12 semesters contemplated in the OHIO Guarantee program, then the student will be afforded additional semester(s) to complete his/her degree appropriately.
      • If a student is not able to complete his/her degree program in the four years of their established cohort due to the result of a required course(s) not being offered, or available space in a required course, the University will provide the necessary course(s) in compliance with H. B. No. 59 Section 3345.48. To be considered for this exemption, a student must file an appeal through The OHIO Guarantee appeals committee. That appeal must demonstrate the affected course(s) was required via the student’s DARS report, that the student had met with an advisor prior to the start of the second week of classes of the term(s) in question to discuss alternatives, and that there was no resolution available.