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Future Students

Hallmarks of a Tutorial Education

Lexi Spaw Tutorial

The Tutorial

The tutorial is at the heart of the HTC experience. Each semester, students enroll in at least one class that is held either one-on-one or in a small group with a professor, which allows individual attention that is rare at the undergraduate level. Instead of lectures, tutorials are driven by spirited conversations between the student and the professor. These specially tailored tutorials are rigorous, and as students progress, they may choose what they would like to research or study in a given tutorial. The content of a tutorial does not have to mirror that of an existing Ohio University course.


Senior-year tutorials focus on completion of a thesis or professional project, which insures that all HTC students graduate from Ohio University with an original contribution to their field that makes them infinitely more marketable in the modern world. Faculty mentors from across the university, including the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, may serve as thesis or project advisors.


Academic Resources

Priority Scheduling and Housing

HTC students schedule their courses before any other group at Ohio University, so they take what courses they need when they need them. They receive the same priority scheduling privileges as graduate students.

Our students also receive first preference for living in scholars-only residence halls on campus. This allows them to live and work with students with strong academic backgrounds and high personal motivation. For more information on Scholars Housing, visit our page on honors and scholars housing.

Academic Flexibility

Our students are not required to fulfill Ohio University's general education requirements beyond the typical first-year composition course and a junior-level composition course . While we encourage our students to take a breadth of coursework, they may choose an array of subjects that best fit their goals. Students in the college are not required to take prerequisites for courses. They may enroll in courses that best fit their level of aptitude and interest.

Graduate-Level Courses

HTC students may enroll in graduate-level courses during any academic term. Occasionally, students complete enough graduate credits to earn bachelor's and master's degrees within four years.

Funding Opportunities

Our dean's funding supports students who study abroad, intern in an expensive city, or attend academic conferences. Students are eligible to apply for funding more than once. 

Ohio University provides competitive academic scholarships to HTC students. Read more on our scholarships and funding.

Characteristics of Tutorial Students 

HTC students thrive in our individually focused and intellectually rigorous environment. They have a variety of traits in common, including:


Passionate and Highly Motivated

Our students are passionate about their program of study and the work that they produce. They love learning and have a deep-seated respect for scholarly pursuits and ideas. 


Excited and Creative

Students in our college don't shy away from challenges. In fact, they excite our students who go about solving them in creative ways. We encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and hands-on experimentation.


Focused and Diligent

HTC students work hard. The college has high academic standards, requiring that members maintain a cumulative 3.5 grade point average. It's their focus and passion that allow them to continue to achieve in whatever they do.They have a love for reading and the analytical skills it fosters.


Aware and Conscientious

HTC students pride themselves on being intellectual and productive citizens of society. The college is a collection of students who are always working to make their community a better place to live. HTC has an intense commitment to community service in Athens, the Appalachian region, and the world at large.


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