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Research at OHIO

Assessment Clearinghouse

Institutional Accreditation

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While over 30 of the University's academic programs are accredited by their own specialized accreditors, Ohio University as a whole is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Learn how all of the University's programs and units are covered by this institution-wide accreditation through the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) pathway.


Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

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At Ohio University assessment is a collection of activities designed to help students succeed, therefore student learning outcomes assessment is about documenting student success. Student learning outcomes assessment is a tool to help faculty and staff enable Ohio University to achieve this mission.


Academic Program Review

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All academic programs on the OU Athens and regional campuses are reviewed periodically to help identify program, college, and university priorities, goals, and accomplishments, and help measure the progress of ongoing initiatives. Program review is part of an overall assessment plan that provides a portrait of program strengths and limitations and should result in program improvement.


General Education Assessment

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Ohio University has an extensive history with general education assessment. Starting with assessments in 1980, learn about OHIO’s general education assessment progress here.


Current Assessment Activities

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In AQIP, institutions identify and take action to address important institutional issues (Action Projects) with the assistance of HLC peer review and feedback, learn about Ohio University's current AQIP Action Projects.


Academic Support Improvement Committee (ASIC)

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Perpetuating a culture of continuous improvement and organizational renewal, the Academic Support Improvement Committee (ASIC) assures that Ohio University’s academic support services (administrative and co-curricular units) provide continuing value to the University community.


Surveys and Ranking

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The Office of Institutional Research carries out ongoing student success assessments (internal surveys) in which the results are available for each academic unit as well as completing external surveys that are used for national rankings.


Assessment Resources

Assessment Resources Assessment Resources - Hover Image

Internet resources and tools to assist faculty and staff with student learning outcomes assessment, teaching and learning, program review and accreditation.