About the Program

Responding to Needs of Community

Medical students talking Recruiting a Diverse Physician Workforce

While the population of Northeast Ohio has continuously become more diverse, the recognition of this growing diversity and what it requires to thrive is often overlooked. As a nationally recognized nonprofit provider of healthcare services throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond, Cleveland Clinic is aware that a diverse and culturally competent workforce is critical to addressing health care disparities while improving outcomes in the communities we serve.

Awareness of this issue prompted deeper investigation into our diverse patient base and the representative physicians providing care. As a result, Cleveland Clinic is seeking to broaden the representation of our healthcare team to reflect the community we serve.

Cleveland Clinic has always strived to provide the best quality of care to all patients; in our opinion, the best way to do so is to have a healthcare team that can understand culturallyspecific patient needs. We believe that mutual understanding can result in the best patient outcomes.

To address this significant need, Cleveland Clinic and Heritage College, Cleveland will together recruit a diverse physician workforce, work with them to deliver a higher standard in healthcare, and achieve the ultimate goal of the Physician Diversity Scholars Program – to promote ethnic and cultural diversity within healthcare settings by supporting minority medical students throughout their journey to their chosen healthcare profession.

Celebrating and enhancing diverse healthcare relationships begins with fostering a new wave of physicians to fill the gap in cultural understanding and trust; this can enhance appropriate access and the overall quality of care for underrepresented minority patients. Through this program, Cleveland Clinic will provide the incentives and support necessary for participants to thrive in the healthcare field. As a result, minorities – and thus our healthcare communities at large – will reap the benefits of a stronger, more culturally diverse physician population.

Program Structure

Each scholar will have a physician mentor with whom they will meet regularly throughout the four years of medical school. The Cleveland Clinic Physician Diversity Scholars Program will include group events for mentors and scholars.

Meet the Steering Committee

Cleveland Clinic

Kendalle Cobb, MD
Department of Family Medicine
Chair, Steering Committee and Physician Director

Eric Anderson, MD
Center for Emergency Medicine

Karen Cooper, DO
Director, Women's Health Institute 
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology 

Juan Calle, MD
Medical Director, Kidney Stones Clinic
Department of Nephrology and Hypertension

Ohio University Heritage College Of Osteopathic Medicine

Gregory Hill, DO
Orthopedic Surgery Program Director
Western Reserve Hospital
Heritage College Alumnus, Class of 1986

Isaac Kirstein, DO
Dean, Cleveland

Terra Ndubuizu, MBA
Senior Director, Campus Administration

Ryan Clopton-Zymler, MSSA
Assistant Director, Inclusion

Eric Dubitsky
Director of Development, Universtiy Advancement

Calvin James, PhD
Direcot or Programs, Office of Inlcusion; Interim Director, Diabetes Institute; Associate Professor

Sarah Rubin, PhD
Lecturer, Social Medicine


Email Ryan Clopton-Zymler at   rczymler@ohio.edu for more information.