Areas of Research

Biomedical Sciences

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The interests of the Biomedical Sciences (BMS) faculty encompass a range of research themes in biological and biomedical sciences. These diverse faculty interests are organized into three broad focus groups: 

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology  |  Physiology & Neuroscience  |  Cell, Developmental & Microbiology

Discover the specific areas of our research and the faculty who are pursuing them:

Signaling Molecules as Therapeutic Targets

BMS faculty: Huzoor Akbar, Fabian Benencia, Mark Berryman, Xiao Chen, Karen Coshigano, John Kopchick, Ramiro Malgor, Leon Wince

Ohio University Affiliates*: Kelly McCall (DSM), Frank Schwartz (DSM)

Mechanisms of Gene Regulation in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes

BMS Faculty: Fabian Benencia, Bonita Biegalke, Karen Coschigano, Pete Coschigano, Frank Horodyski,Calvin James, John Kopchick, Erin Murphy, Felicia Nowak

Infectious Disease

BMS Faculty: Bonita Biegalke, Jack Blazyk, Kenneth Goodrum, Mario Grijalva, Calvin James, Erin Murphy, William Romoser, Edwin Rowland

Institute Affiliation: Tropical Disease Institute

Ohio University Affiliates*: Frank Schwartz (DSM), Kelly McCall (DSM)

Cancer, Immunology and Vascular Biology

BMS Faculty: Fabian Benecia, Mark Berryman, Xiao Chen, Kenneth Goodrum, Sharon Inman, Richard Klabunde, Ramiro Malgor, Shadi Moghaddas

Ohio University Affiliates*: Doug Goetz (BME), Monica Burdick (BME), Kelly McCall (DSM)

Complications of Diabetes

BMS Faculty: Karen Coshigano, Sharon Inman, John Kopchick, Ramiro Malgor, Felicia Nowak

Institute/Initiative Affiliation: Diabetes Research Initiative, Diabetes/Endocrine Center

Ohio University Affiliates*: Darlene Berryman (HCS), Aili Guo (DSM), Kelly McCall (DSM), Frank Schwartz (DSM)

Musculoskeletal and Skin Disorders

BMS Faculty: Brian Clark, Robert Kikida, John Howell, Richard Klabunde, Andrew Lee, Robert Staron, Thad Wilson

Institute Affiliation: Ohio Musculoskeletal and Neurological Institute

Ohio University Affiliates*: John Cotton (BMS adjunct; BME), Gary Chleboun (PT), David Russ (PT), James Thomas (PT), Dawn Sammons (DSM), Robert Williams (BME)

Neurological Disorders

BMS Faculty: Brian Clark, Yang Li, Felicia Nowak, Thad Wilson

Institute Affiliation: Ohio Musculoskeletal and Neurological Institute

Ohio University Affiliates*: James Thomas (PT)

Biology of Manual Therapies

BMS Faculty: Fabian Benencia, Brian Clark, Kenneth Goodrum, John Howell

Ohio University Affiliates*: David Eland (DFM/OMM), Stevan Walkowski (DFM/OMM)

Functional Morphology and Evolution

BMS Faculty: Audrone Biknevicius, Kerin Claeson, Joseph Eastman, Pat O'Connor, Nancy Stevens, Susan Williams, Larry Witmer

Center Affiliation: Ohio Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies

Ohio University Affiliates*: Daniel Hembree (GEOL), Stephen Reilly (BIOS), Alicia Stigall (GEOL)

Comparative Biomechanics

BMS Faculty: Audrone Biknevicius, Nancy Stevens, Susan Williams, Larry Witmer

Ohio University Affiliates*: John Cotton (BMS adjunct; BME), Stephen Reilly (BIOS), Betty Sindelar (PT)

*Ohio University Affiliates: BIOS, Biological Sciences; BME, Biomedical Engineering; DFM/OMM: Department of Family Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Section; DSM, Department of Specialty Medicine;GEOL, Geological Sciences; HCS, Human and Consumer Sciences; PT, Physical Therapy

Institutes and Programs

Diabetes Institute

Ohio Musculoskeletal and Neurological Institute (OMNI)

Tropical Disease Institute