Finding Your Voice as a Leader:  Working in Interprofessional Teams

This Event Takes Place on Friday, Jan. 27, 2017

Develop Your Leadership Skills

It's not about becoming a leader. You already are one. Being a responsible health care professional means using that influence well. Join Dr. Andrew Morris-Singer and his team from Primary Care Progress as they lead us through a series of highly interactive workshops. Whether influencing, or effecting change in a colleague or patient, in your own practice, or on a larger scale, we all stand to benefit from strengthening our skills in relational leadership. We are persons of influence, and we are professionaly obliged to use our influence for good.   

Supported by the following student groups:
Family Medicine | Leadership | Pediatrics | Internal Medicine | SGA | SNMA | CHSP 

Defining, Preparing for and Connecting on Teams

Speaker video Listen to PCP Founder and President Andrew Morris-Singer speak about teams as part of a  presentation on relational leadership in primary care.

See video

Event Agenda 

Athens: Irvine 194  |  Dublin: MEB1-415  |  Cleveland: SPS243


8:30-9:50 AM

Keynote address - Andrew Morris-Singer

"Relational Leadership to Revitalize Primary Care"

Video conference across all campuses 

9:50-10:05 AM


10:05-11:45 AM

Workshop I -  Teaming/Public Narrative

"Using our Stories to Generate Resilience, Connection and Action" 

(PCP Facilitator on all campuses)

11:45-12:30 PM

Lunch provided for those who participate in afternoon sessions



12:45-2:15     PM

Workshop II -  Ask-Tell Spectrum

"Understanding and Optimizing our Approach to       Work, Learning and Collaboration" 
(Andrew Morris-Singer in Athens)                                                         

"A Comprehensive Approach to Coaching Patients and Colleagues"                                                                   (PCP facilitator in Dublin & Cleveland)

2:15-2:30 PM         Closing
2:30-2:45 PM         Break
2:45-4:30 PM

Misc. Breakout Sessions (students will select on 1/27)

Breakout 1:  Becoming a Leader in Organized medicine: Information on Advocacy Groups & Public Speaking Skills Lab - Athens  
Facilitators :  Suma Kolla, OMSll; Sierra Grasso, OMSlV;
                      Jennifer Gwilym, DO 

Breakout 2:  A Thousand Ways to Make a Difference in Underserved Communities - Athens
Facilitators :  Christina Randolph, DO/MPH Student
                      Randall Longenecker, DO, Assistant Dean 
                      Rural and Underserved Programs

Breakout 3:  Exploring Your Strengths Outside the Box - Athens
Facilitators:   Alyssa Gerth, OMSll
                     Sharon Casapulla, EdD, Director
                     Education and Research  
                     Rural and Underserved Programs

Breakout 4:     Interprofessionalism in Group Practice and Hospital Medicine - Athens
Facilitators:   Jennifer Brubaker, OMSl
                     John McCarthy, PhD, Associate Director
                     Communication Sciences & Disorders

Breakout 5:  Health Policy Discussion and Reflection - Dublin
Facilitators:   Ryan Paulus, OMSll
                      Prathayini Subarajan,  OMSll                    
                     Dan Skinner, Assistant Professor,
                     Health Policy

Breakout 6:  Patient Simulation - Cleveland
Facilitators:  Michelle Sergi, OMSll
                     Christie Murphy, DO, Clinical Faculty           
                       Member, Associate Lecturer
                      Robert Bales, DO, Family Physician



Primary Care Progress Facilitator Bios



If you're interested in attending the workshop, please sign up by clicking below and providing us with some information about yourself.  OUHCOM students must register by December 21 to be excused from academic commitments.  The registration deadline for all others is January 15.

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