Heritage College partners on four projects funded by OHIO’s Innovation Strategy program

Mar 22, 2016

(ATHENS, Ohio) Nine multi-disciplinary teams have been awarded more than $4 million through Ohio University’s Innovation Strategy program, including four teams involving faculty and staff from the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. The Innovation Strategy program provides major funding for new research and teaching initiatives, as well as smaller grants of up to $20,000 for pilot studies and activities.  

“We are very pleased to partner on so many innovative projects. Health care is moving toward a team-based approach that brings together professionals with diverse but complementary expertise to find ways to improve the care and safety of patients. It is exciting to see Ohio University support that kind of synergy and collaboration, knowing that the creative solutions developed here have the potential to change lives throughout Ohio and potentially the world,” said Heritage College Executive Dean Kenneth Johnson, D.O.

The teams with Heritage College members receiving grants include:

“Innovative Strategies for Diagnosis of Osteoporosis and Prevention of Fractures”
Brian Clark, Ph.D., professor of neuromuscular biology at the Heritage College and director of the Ohio Musculoskeletal and Neurological Institute, is principal investigator on a project awarded $875,000 to support the development of two new technologies that may prevent bone fractures by improving the diagnosis of osteoporosis. Heritage College Clinical & Translational Research Unit Executive Director Laura Rush, D.V.M., Ph.D., is also on the team, which includes Robert Silva, OHIO Technology Transfer Office; Anne Loucks, Ph.D., and Lyn Bowman, College of Arts and Sciences; Jianchao Zhu, Ph.D., Jundong Liu, Ph.D., and John Cotton, Ph.D., Russ College of Engineering and Technology; Gary Chleboun, Ph.D., and Betty Sindelar, Ph.D., College of Health Sciences and Professions; and Michele Migliuolo, Ph.D., and Lee Groeschel, Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. 

“Immersive Media Initiative”
Heritage College Assistant Professor of Family Medicine Todd Fredricks, D. O. (’93), Professor of Functional Morphology and Vertebrate Paleontology Nancy Stevens, Ph.D., and Biomedical Research Engineer Samuel Leitkam are members of the Immersive Media Initiative team, which is being led by John Bowditch, director of the Game Research and Immersive Design Lab. The project has been awarded $878,000 for the development of a training program that prepares students for a future in immersive media job markets. It is expected that virtual and augmented reality can be used to support research and training in fields like medicine and engineering. Other members of the team include Josh Antonuccio, Tyler Ayres, M.F.A., Lynn Harter, Ph.D., Thomas Hodson, J.D., Brian Plow, M.F.A., Rebecca Schmehl and Eric Williams, M.F.A., Scripps College of Communication; Jennifer Simon, Innovation Center; Christopher France, Ph.D., College of Arts and Sciences; Michael Braasch, Ph.D., Russ College of Engineering and Technology; Deborah Henderson, Ph.D., Sherleena Buchman, Cathy Baker and James Thomas, Ph.D., College of Health Sciences and Professions; and Petra Williams, Ph.D., Northern Arizona University.

“Planning for the Diabetes Think Tank”
Diabetes Institute Executive Director Darlene Berryman, Ph.D., is the primary investigator on a planning grant that will support a diabetes needs assessment in seven southeastern Ohio counties. Collaborators include Heritage College colleagues Kathy Trace, R.N., B.S.N., Frank Schwartz, M.D., Karen Bailey, R.D., Melissa Standley, M.Ed., Karie Cook, R.N., B.S.N., and Karen Coschigano, Ph.D.; Cheryl Howe, Ph.D., College of Health Sciences and Professions; and Jose Pagan, Ph.D., Center for Health Innovation, The New York Academy of Medicine.

“The ARTS Research Teaching and service Learning Lab (ARTS Lab)”
The planning grant will fund two pilot research projects that examine the effects of art, dance and music on health, through the ARTS Lab. Heritage College Assistant Professor of Family Medicine Timothy Law, D.O. (’94), M.B.A., is a collaborator on these projects. Kamile Geist, College of Fine Arts, is the principal investigator. Fellow team members include Eugene Geist, Ph.D., Patton College of Education; Nathan Andary, Elizabeth Braun, Ph.D., and Laura Brown, Ph.D., College of Fine Arts: and Joann Benigno, Ph.D., College of Health Sciences and Professions.

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