Heritage College faculty member to direct policy fellowship program

Dec 10, 2018

Daniel Skinner, Ph.D.

Daniel Skinner, Ph.D., assistant professor of health policy at the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine at Dublin, has been named co-director of the AACOM Health Policy Fellowship (HPF), a program that originated at the Heritage College and is now under the sponsorship of the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine.

The fellowship is a yearlong leadership training program designed to give mid-career osteopathic physicians and other professionals the skills to analyze, formulate and implement health policy on the local, state and national levels, with the aim of increasing access to affordable, quality health care.

The program was founded in 1993 at the Heritage College by Barbara Ross-Lee, D.O., during her tenure as dean. In a new relationship established in 2017, the fellowship is sponsored by AACOM and coordinated by the Osteopathic Health Policy Fellowship office at the Heritage College, under the direction of Nancy Cooper.

AACOM recently announced the choice of Skinner and Al Pheley, Ph.D., as co-directors of the program. Pheley is a former Health Policy Fellow (1999-2000) and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellow (2005-2006). Prior to being appointed co-director, Dr. Ross-Lee appointed Dr. Skinner Assistant Director of the program in 2017. He has been a faculty member in the fellowship since 2014.

“The HPF is designed to cultivate leaders in health policy who are, in various ways, part of the osteopathic community,” Skinner said in an announcement from AACOM. “Our aim is to help fellows become conversant in health policy in such a way that they are comfortable with and skilled at communicating complex health policy ideas to policymakers, the media, and other key players in health care. We work hard with the fellows to move them away from stakeholder positions to think about what’s best for their patients and broader populations.”

The next application cycle to take part in the fellowship opens on February 1, 2019. Learn more about the program.