PreMedical Observation

Service Learning for Students

Observe a physician in a clinical setting

Ohio University students interested in observing a physician in a clinical setting are invited to consider a premedical assignment.  This opportunity is best pursued during Spring semester, as space is limited for scheduling students with a physician preceptor at other times.  Students should first read the Premedical Information Sheet .  To participate, the Premedical Immunization Form  and Premedical Confidentiality Agreement & Additional Requirements Form  must be completed.  OSHA and HIPAA courses cannot be accessed until after you submit your Premedical Immunization Form.  These documents should be faxed to 740-593-9536.

Premedical observation will be scheduled through the office of Clinical and Community Experiences as space is available.  Once all the requirements are submitted and met, please contact Claudia Haning at  or Rich Latham at

Business attire and name badge are required.


For general information, please contact the Administrative Services Associate at 740.593.2292.

For questions regarding the immunization requirements, please contact Vickey Haller, Student Immunization Coordinator, at 740.593.9403.