Frequently Asked Questions

OhioHealth Campus Care at Ohio University

Who is eligible for services through OhioHealth Campus Care?

Any student enrolled at Ohio University for one (1) or more credit hours can receive medical care through OhioHealth Campus Care. A student does not have to be participating in the university insurance plan to receive services.

What services are available?

A list of services provided through OhioHealth Campus Care is available here.

What are the hours of operation?

Click here to view OhioHealth Campus Care hours.

If my provider at home has prescribed physical therapy, medication or allergy injections, can I still get care through the OhioHealth Campus Care?

Yes. If you need physical therapy, bring your physical therapy prescription with you and check in at the Physical Therapy Department located on the ground floor of Hudson Hall, Room 014.

If you have a prescription for a medication, bring the prescription, your prescription insurance card and your ID to The Drugstore at OU.

If you are presently receiving allergy injections, we ask that you bring your vials of antigens and instructions with you on your first visit. We will keep these vials properly stored and provide the injections according to the ordering provider’s directions. You will need to register at the second floor registration desk at each visit.

What if I need a specialist's care?

OhioHealth Campus Care providers treat acute and chronic ailments and provide some specialty care. If a OhioHealth Campus Care provider determines that a patient needs specialty care, a referral will be made to an external specialist. Check with your insurance company regarding the coverage of specialty care.

Are there charges for services through OhioHealth Campus Care?

Yes. OhioHealth Campus Care charges for medical and pharmacy services.

How will I be billed for the charged services?

As a courtesy, OhioHealth Campus Care will bill your medical insurance for services. It is the students' responsibility to provide OhioHealth Campus Care their medical insurance information and understand their insurance coverage. Payment is not required at the time of service, but will be accepted. Any balances after a student's insurance has processed the claim will be placed on the student's MyOHIO account. Payment can be made at OhioHealth Campus Care, the Office of the Bursar, or on the student’s MyOHIO Student Center. OhioHealth Campus Care does not send invoices unless specifically requested by the student.

Does the university offer an insurance plan for students?

Yes. The Student Health Insurance Policy is offered by Ohio University, and provided by United Healthcare Student Resources. The policy offers domestic, international and regional campus students and their dependents a comprehensive commercial health insurance policy at an affordable cost. The policy meets and exceeds all health care reform guidelines and required mandates, and offers coverage specifically tailored to Ohio University student needs.

What does a student do when OhioHealth Campus Care is closed?

If you feel that you need medical care when OhioHealth Campus Care is not open, you can choose one of the following options:

OhioHealth Urgent Care-Athens  740.594.2456
OhioHealth O'Bleness Hospital  740.593.5551
If it is an emergency, you should call 911.

How can I help make the process of getting health care easier?

It is important that a Health History Form be completed and signed by the student prior to fall semester. You can find the Health History Form on the OhioHealth Campus Care website under forms, or on the  Path to Promise website. You may fax, mail or bring the form with you on your first visit to OhioHealth Campus Care. For students with a chronic or ongoing medical condition, a note and medical records from your primary care provider or specialist is extremely helpful to staff when providing treatment. A copy front and back of your current medical and prescription insurance cards should also be included with this information.  Please bring a photo ID with you to each visit.

Is my medical information confidential?

Yes. OhioHealth Campus Care staff and providers are required to abide by HIPAA at all times. For students 18 years of age or older, we can only discuss medical information, including billing questions with that student. The student may grant us permission to discuss medical information with another individual by completing the Authorization of Disclosure form.