Learning Specialist Team

Who We Are


Amy Shaw Amy Shaw, M.A.  

 Assistant Director of Learning Services,    Athens campus

JoAnna Cline JoAnna Cline, M.A., LPCC-S

Assistant Director of Learning Services,  Cleveland campus


Kathy Pittman Kathy L. Pittman, Ph.D.   

Assistant Director of Learning Services,  Athens campus

Pietro Barbara Pietro, Ph.D.   

Assistant Director of Learning Services, Dublin campus

What We Do

  • We are highly experienced professionals with expertise in learning theory and higher education.  
  • We offer enrichment workshops on test-taking, time management, medical school study skills, test anxiety, and medical school communication skills.
  • We assist students in creating time management plans, organization and study plan preparation.
  • We provide support and feedback to students as they develop their CV, submit professional materials for scholarships and essays, and build their professional communication style.
  • We organize group study sessions, hire campus tutors and assist students with confidential requests for additional academic support/mentoring.
  • We also assist students in preparing for medical licensing board exams, including all levels of COMLEX and USMLE.
  • All our services are provided at no extra cost to the student through HCOM’s Office of Student Affairs. 

Contact Us




Kathy Pittman, Ph.D.  JoAnna Cline, M.A., LPCC-S  Barbara Pietro, Ph.D.
pittmak1@ohio.edu  clinej@ohio.edu  pietro@ohio.edu
740.593.0585  216.295.7526  614.793.5569
Amy Shaw, M.A    


Each campus offers weekly Learning Community sessions for first year students.  These are offered to provide an opportunity to review content from class that week and to build camaradrie with other students.  Sessions are led by a team of Academic Peer Support Leaders (APSL/"tutors").  APSL team members are also available for one to one tutoring.  All requests should be directed to the campus Assistant Director of Learning Services.   


Learning Specialists work with students for all levels of COMSAE and COMLEX preparation.  Students are encouraged to schedule time with the campus Learning Specialist to discuss individualized study plans and review appropriate resources.  Learning Specialists are an excellent resource for NBOME and NBME updates and exam information.


Cleveland panel members:  Devin Daniels OMS III, Charles Doolittle OMS III, MacKenzie Reece OMS III and Chynna Smith OMS III.  Click here to view the Cleveland  Video.

Dublin panel members:  Taylor Boll OMS III, Dubem Obianagha OMS III and Adam Rabe OMS III.  Click here for the Dublin  Video

Athens panel members:  Austin Cusick OMS III, Tiffany Downs OMS III, Sarah Gaston OMS III, Morgan Homan OMS III, Chelsea Rambo OMS III and Cally Wollett OMS III.  Click here to view the Athens  video