Summer Programs

Premedical Education

Why spend your time in a low-paying summer job when you could be gaining valuable research experience or preparing yourself for the rigors of medical school? The Heritage College offers two summer experiences for students who are ready for the challenge.


Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Applications for SURF 2020 will be available in October of 2019.  

Participants in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program work in an active research laboratory under the guidance of a faculty mentor. This six-week program is designed to expose you to the challenges, excitement and satisfaction of biomedical and basic science research. In addition to gaining research experience, program participants will also earn six semester hours of Ohio University biological science credit which may be transferred back to your home institution.



Summer Scholars

Summer Scholars

Applications for Summer Scholars 2020 will be available in October of 2019. 

Summer Scholars is a rigorous premedical program that has been opening doors for students from disadvantaged backgrounds since 1982. The program is designed to enhance preparation for admission to medical school by immersing participants in activities similar to what they would encounter during their first year at the Heritage College. This includes a core curriculum of basic science courses taught by medical school faculty, study skills and time management workshops, clinical experiences and special presentations on cultural competency and research methods. In keeping with the educational culture at the Heritage College, all activities are designed to emphasize case-based problem solving and small group teamwork.