Cutler Hall Panoramic Spring

Honors & Scholars Students

Keith in front of the Dome.
Keith Hawkins | Honors Tutorial College

Astrophysicists fantasize about using the telescopes at the W.M. Keck and Palomar observatories. This summer, Keith Hawkins lived the dream. Hawkins is the recipient of the Caltech Fellowship and the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. Read the full story about Keith and his achievements in HTC's alumni publication, Ampersand.

Gabe Weinstein
Gabe Weinstein | Honors Tutorial College, Cutler Scholar

This HTC student and Culter scholar recently earned a great honor - he was selected as a winner of the India Future of Change Essay Contest. Gabe's essay is entitled The Nuclear Illusion and submitted under the topic “Is nuclear power the answer to ending India’s energy deficit”. Read more about Gabe's essay and award here.

Kelsey Davis sea kayaking in Alaska
Kelsey Davis| Cutler Scholar

Konnecker-Cutler Scholar Kelsey Davis took an eight-day trip to Alaska with Outward Bound, a non-profit educational organization for rising leaders. Read about all that Kelsey learned on through this experience at the Culter Scholars website.

Templeton Scholar Cara Lewis
Templeton Scholars

The Templeton Scholars program is one of the most competitive and distinctive programs at Ohio University. For this year's research project, the scholars decided to "[Unlock] the Face of Poverty in Athens County." 

Read about their program and findings here.

Connavino student Rachel Ackerman
Connavino Honors Program

Read what Connavino students are saying about the program on the Connavino website.