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Make It Known

Diversity Committee

Who we are:

Diversity Statement

The Scripps College of Communication Diversity Committee consists of members from each of the five schools in the college, WOUB Public Media, graduate and undergraduate students, and is chaired by the college’s chief diversity officer.

The committee works toward creating and maintaining a culture that actively and intentionally includes diverse perspectives in decision-making processes and power structures within the college.

We do this work through our definition of diversity which is as follows:
The Scripps College of Communication's concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It is understanding that each individual has a unique set of life experiences shaped along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, socio-economic status, age, abilities, and religious, political, and ideological beliefs. It is about understanding one another and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the distinct attributes of each individual. The College embraces diversity and the exploration of varied life experiences in a positive and nurturing environment.

Committee Members

  • Atish Baidya (Chair & Chief Diversity Officer)
  • Laura Black (COMS)
  • Franklyn Charles (MDIA)
  • Zamzam Jama (COMS)
  • Gary Kirksey (VISCOM)
  • Jenny Nelson (MDIA)
  • Bill Reader (JOUR)
  • Mike Rodriguez (WOUB)
  • Trevor Roycroft (ITS)

What we do:

The different areas which we work in:

  • Increase minority enrollment, retention
  • Recruit and monitor minority faculty hire process
  • Provide guidance and coordination for diversity initiatives throughout the college

Information on funding available through the endowment:

  • Scholarships
  • Travel assistance
  • Conference assistance
  • Faculty mini-grants


Student Support

Thanks to an endowment from the Scripps Howard Foundation the Committee is able to offer support for students’ academic efforts in a number of ways.

  • Scholarships
    The committee provides $10,000 in scholarships to Scripps students from underrepresented groups. Eligible students may apply for these scholarships as part of each school’s general scholarship application. Interested students may contact committee member from their respective school or the chief diversity officer for additional information.
  • Travel Support
    Students may apply for support to help defray costs for travel to academic conferences. To apply for travel support, download a word document application form here.
  • Research Support for Graduate Students
    Graduate students may apply for support of their master’s thesis/project or dissertation research. Eligible graduate students must either be from an underrepresented group or their research must involve an underrepresented group. To apply for research support, download a word document application form here.
  • Student Programming Support
    Scripps College student organizations can apply for support for programming that involves an aspect of diversity and inclusion. To apply for support, download a PDF application form here.

Faculty Support
Thanks to an endowment from the Scripps Howard Foundation the Committee is able to offer programming support to faculty in the college.


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