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EM Program Requirements


Ohio University Southern offers a two-year program of study leading to an Associate n Applied Science with a major in Electronic Media. Through intensive individualized instruction in a hands-on atmosphere, students prepare in only two years for an entry level position in the electronic media in of audio, video and multimedia. To earn a technical associate's degree, you must complete an Application for Update of Program(s), available from any college office or regional campus student services office.
All Electronic Media students must complete the Freshman English and quantitative skills requirement. (see Ohio University catalog)

NOTE: It is very important that you work with an EM advisor! Some courses are only offered once during the year.

For more information contact:
Don Moore, Director, Electronic Media


Minimum Semester Credit Hours: 64

ENG 1510: Writing and Rhetoric (3 hrs)
MATH 1090: Consumer Math (3 hrs)

Complete 3 hours from:
COMS 1030: Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3 hrs)
Complete 3 hours from:
CTCH 1250: Introduction to Computers (3 hrs)
BMT 2000: Introduction to Business Computing (3 hrs)
Complete 3 hours from:
BMT 1010: Business and Its Environment (3 hrs)
MGT 2000: Introduction to Management (3 hrs)
ECON 1030: Principles of Microeconomics (3 hrs)

Complete 3 hours from:
POLS 1010: Politics in the United States (3 hrs)
PSY 1010: General Psychology (3 hrs)
SOC 1000: Introduction to Sociology (3 hrs)

Complete 3 hours of Social Science Elective:

Complete 3 hours of Humanities or Fine Arts Elective:
Tier 2HL or Tier 2 FA (3 hrs)

Electronic Media Core
Complete 15 hours from the following classes:
EM 1010: Introduction to Electronic Media (3 hrs)
EM 2110: Audio Production-Direction (3 hrs)
EM 2160: Introduction to Video Production (3 hrs)
EM 2220: Aesthetics in Digital Media (3 hrs)
EM 2570: Advertising in the Broadcast and Cable Media (3 hrs)

Complete 3 hours from:
JOUR 1330: Precision Language for Journalists (3 hrs)
ENG 2800: Expository Writing and the Research Paper (3 hrs)

Complete 2 hours from:
EM 2890: Media Workshop-Video/Audio Sequence (1 hr)
EM 2880: Media Workshop-Multimedia Sequence (1 hr)

Students will chose between either the video/video sequence or the multimedia sequence.

Video or Audio Sequence
Complete 3 hours from:
EM 2140: Advanced Audio Production/Performance (3 hrs)
EM 2170: Advanced Video Production (3 hrs)

Complete 3 hours from:
EM 2010: Electronic Media Analysis/Criticism (3 hrs)
MDIA 2010: Media Analysis and Criticism (3 hrs)

Complete 3 hours from:
EM 2011: Electronic Media as Business (3 hrs)
MDIA 2011: The Business of Media (3 hrs)

Audio/Video Electives (Complete 11 hrs):
EM 1220: Media Performance (3 hrs)
EM 1890: Electronic Media Workshop-Non-Majors (3 hrs)
EM 2080: Topics in Electronic Media Technologies (3 hrs)
EM 2090: Special Topics in Electronic Media - Video (3 hrs)
EM 2100: Special Topics in Audio Production (3 hrs)
EM 2500: News Distribution Platforms (3 hrs)
EM 2670: International Media Systems (3 hrs)
EM 2880: Electronic Media Workshop-Multimedia (1 hr)
EM 2890: Media Workshop (1 hr)
EM 2910: Radio-Television Internship (3 hrs)
EM 2930: Independent Study (1-3 hrs)
MDIA 3080: Technical Bases of Media
(3 hrs)
Multimedia Sequence
Complete 12 hours from:
EM 2120: Introduction to Multimedia Production (3 hrs)
EM 2150: Introduction to Website Design (3 hrs)
EM 2180: Introduction to Digital Media (3 hrs)
CTCH 1270: Introduction to Website Management (3 hrs)

Multimedia Electives (Complete 8 hrs):
ART 1100: Seeing and Knowing the Visual Arts (3 hrs)
ART 1111: Introduction to Digital Art (4 hrs)
ART 1141: Introduction to Digital Photography (4 hrs)
ART 1181: Introduction to Graphic Design (4 hrs)
EM 2500: News Distribution Platforms (3 hrs)
EM 2880: Electronic Media Workshop-Multimedia (1 hr)
EM 2890: Media Workshop (1 hr)
EM 2930: Independent Study (1-3 hrs)