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Commercial Equine Business Management

Picture yourself working in the horse industry?
Or are you already working in the equine field and want to learn new skills?
Ohio University Southern is offers a Commercial Equine Business Management degree track for the Associate of Applied Science in Equine Studies degree. You can be one of the 1.6 million people with a full-time job in the equine industry.
Commercial Equine Business Management
Employment Opportunities include:
  • Auction and sales
  • Show manager
  • Equine pharmaceutical sales
  • Farm/ranch business manager
  • Equine tax specialist
  • Equine insurance agent
  • Breed association official
  • Equine feed sales
  • Equine association
  • Equine rescue

Affordable and entirely online, this two-year degree focuses on leadership, event organization, economics, technology and more.

This program is perfect for:
  • Students looking to supplement industry experience.
  • Students seeking a degree outside traditional equine management degrees.
  • Students who want a unique opportunity to learn essential business skills and apply them in the equine industry that is worldwide in scope.
  • Students wanting to improve the management of their own business.
  • Students interested in generating income from currently owned property.
EQU 1000 Introduction to Equines Credit Hours: 2.0
EQU 2000 The Equine Industry: Career and Leadership Development Credit Hours: 3.0
EQU 2020 Equine Behavior and Welfare Credit Hours: 3.0
EQU 2033 Introduction to Economics for the Equine Business Owner/Manager Credit Hours: 3.0
EQU 2034 Equine Marketing Credit Hours: 3.0
EQU 2035 The Modern Equine Industry and the Use of Technology Credit Hours: 3.0
EQU 2036 Equine Management Credit Hours: 3.0
EQU 2037 Equine Business Management Credit Hours: 3.0
EQU 2043 Equine Event Management Credit Hours: 3.0
EQU 2082 Development and Management of the Equine Non-profit Credit Hours: 3.0
EQU 2083 Equine Law Credit Hours: 3.0
Additional Courses
ACTH 1030 Financial Accounting Procedures Credit Hours: 3.0
ATCH 1040 Managerial Accounting Procedures Credit Hours: 3.0
ENG 1510 or higher Composition and Rhetoric Credit Hours: 3.0
MATH 1090 or higher Consumer Mathematics Credit Hours: 3.0 (Note: MATH 1090 or higher)
CTCH 1250 Intro to Computer Applications Credit Hours: 3.0
BMT 1100 Introduction to Management Credit Hours: 3.0
COMS 1030 or higher Public Speaking Credit Hours: 3.0
PSY 1010 or higher General Psychology Credit Hours: 3.0
BMT 2500 Practical Personnel Procedures Credit Hours: 3.0
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