Aging in America

March 3, 2011

A study on Certified Nursing Assistants and their retention rates in long-term care facilities has led to a unique opportunity for College of Medicine professor Deborah Meyer and Voinovich School faculty member Holly Raffle. Rather than give a short synopsis of their findings, Meyer and Raffle have been given the opportunity to present their research in the form of an hour-long interactive workshop at the annual Aging in American conference, held in Chicago in March.

Meyer and Raffle found that there is about a 50 percent retention rate for CNAs in long-term care facilities, but contrary to popular thought, people often leave their jobs for similar paying jobs at places of employment with fewer benefits than they might have at a long-term care facility. They also found that many of the reasons CNAs listed for leaving their jobs were the same factors that currently employed CNAs said were the most challenging parts of their jobs.