Ashley Carnifax
March 3, 2011

The East Central Ohio Tech Angel Fund, or ECOTAF, is a group of investors who were initially organized by TechGROWTH Ohio at Ohio University. The investors, who are experienced and knowledgeable about investing, are responsible for making some of the first investments into starting companies. Prior to TechGROWTH’s help in starting this group, there was not an organized investment group in this part of Ohio.

ECOTAF works in collaboration with TechGROWTH to find and help local businesses in their starting stages.  TechGROWTH provides an account manager for ECOTAF to help keep track of funds, as well as presents its clients to ECOTAF as possible investment opportunities. The members of ECOTAF hope to help people in the community who have good ideas get the resources they need, as well as make a positive social impact in the East Central Ohio region.