Franklin County Children Services “calls” on the Voinovich School

Katie Labovitz
March 3, 2011

In 2009, the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs assisted Franklin County Children Services in its evaluation efforts by conducting two phone surveys investigating satisfaction levels. One survey questioned case members of children with ongoing or recently closed cases while a second survey polled the parents of children placed in certified residential treatment centers. Both surveys were confidential, offering respondents the opportunity to speak openly about their experience with FCCS.

Voinovich Undergraduate Research Scholars, Master of Public Administration students and graduate assistants made phone calls for the project. Voinovich School Data/Research Analyst Nicole Yandell trained these students and coached them through the range of responses they could potentially hear.

The survey showed mostly positive results with 88 percent of respondents reporting that FCCS was respectful of their race and culture and 75 percent reporting that FCCS treated them with respect and courtesy. Of those responding, 56 percent said they would recommend FCCS to their friends and families.