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Teacher Jillian Cross's fifth grade students in the Hilliard City School District in Hilliard, Ohio

Multimedia leads to innovation in research evaluations

Katie Labovitz
March 3, 2010

Barry Oches, a senior research associate at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, was asked to assess the use of professional development concepts of Marion and Hilliard City School District science teachers through participatory evaluation. However, in place of the traditional written report, Oches created a digital portfolio in the form of a DVD presentation. With the help of Stephanie Buechele, an Instructional Technology PhD student, he embraced the creation of the digital portfolio as a learning experience.

For this project, funded by the Ohio Department of Education’s Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) Program, six science teachers will ultimately be documented, though only one has been taped so far. Oches will assess the footage and, with Buechele’s assistance, edit it down into clips that represent the goals of the Hilliard Science Professional Development Project. The evaluation aims to show that the teacher increased her knowledge of the professional development concepts and was proficient at applying them in the classroom setting.

Oches hopes to make the digital portfolio the most accurate representation of what one of his standard written reports would entail. When describing his hopes for the finished product, he likens the DVD’s Menu to be the cover page of this multimedia report, with clickable links to submenus boasting clips or slideshows of the different components of the evaluation.