Ohio Community Health Centers boost the economy while fulfilling patients’ medical needs

Katie Labovitz
March 3, 2011

The Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Health Primary Care and Rural Health Program and the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers (CHCs), conducted a study calculating the impact of Ohio’s Community Health Centers, community-based institutions that provide primary health care to people who otherwise might not have access, on their local economy.

For all of the 25 CHCs that were federally funded in 2007, team members from the Voinovich School calculated the total monetary impact employing the Impact Analysis for Planning economic modeling software. As each CHC generates varying levels of economic impact, multipliers were adjusted to estimate the additional jobs and earned income created.

The data can be used to show the positive economic impact that Ohio’s CHCs have had on their surrounding communities. In addition to providing medical care for almost 350,000 Ohio residents in 2007, the CHCs featured in this study created 2,596 jobs and generated $124,187,700 in earned income. The study’s multipliers can be used to calculate the negative economic impact should a CHC close, or its services be reduced.